How to Save Money at Target

Nearly every time I go into a Target store I find myself leaving buying more things than I actually went in there for. Has this happened to you? Crazy, right?
With toiletries, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, movies, CDs, books, seasonal items, groceries, gifts, toys and more it’s easy to go into Target and see a few things you want to buy.
Well, don’t get mad at yourself when you buy more things than you intended to at Target, just learn from these great tips to saving money at Target!
First of all, check out this great deal tip for shopping: Target’s Cartwheel App.
With the Cartwheel app you can save on things that you already buy at the store. Like 40% off Jambox speakers, 10% of girls clothing, 15% home patio furniture and more. All you have to do is add the item to your cart, scan it and get a coupon! You can also scan items when you’re in the store to find offers, stack savings and coupons, play games to save, the app offers more than 500 offers that could help you save money on your next trip to Target. cartwheel-app-for-target
A recent deal found with the Cartwheel app was for 50% off an LG wearable G watch.
2. Save even more money with Target Gift Card deals!
Did you know that DealDash offers great deals on Target gift cards? All you have to do is bid and win gift cards, stock up and use them on your next trip to Target paired with the Cartwheel app to save even more money! Whether you need groceries, cleaning supplies, a new TV, cellphone and more save tons of money with DealDash!trgetcard
DealDash offers Target gift cards for cards valued at $200! The $200 cards are a one-per-user item, but you can bid on $25, $50 as many times as you’d like!target-deals
Good luck & bid to win!