How to Save Money on Apple Products

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower- Steve Jobs

By now you probably now that Apple is a global electronics icon, it was founded by geniuses and continues to innovate and excel in the marketplace with talks of Apple forming a team to experiment with creating an electric car. According to multiple reports by The Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times and Reuters, Apple is indeed developing an electric, perhaps self-driving car and is bringing on  developers from Tesla. Will the future include the iCar?
Apple’s products are without comparison in the marketplace. Other brands develop smartphones and tablets, but Apples products are classy and innovative, they have mass brand appeal across the globe.
From the crystal clear retina displays and 27″ monitor/computer all-in-one systems to smartphones capable of running a business.
Apple offers what others can’t, and really some consumers purchase Apple products because they are loyal to the brand.
Apple items seldom go on sale and they carry premium price tags. Would you want to save money on Apple products? Here’s one way you can pay less for an iPad, an iPhone, and iPod Touch and a brand new Macbook.
The site is called DealDash and it provides an innovative platform delivering a fun and exciting shopping experience. Bids are currently on sale for $0.16. After you purchase a bid pack you will be able to bid to win Apple products for less than retail.
Would you like to win a brand new Apple iPad Air 2 with 16GB, Wi-Fi and a gorgeous gold color? Check out this upcoming auctions on DealDash for iPad.
The last four auctions for this iPad Air in Gold sold for $126.14, $555.64, $45.33, and $18.55. As you can see the end prices vary and this really depends on how long bidders bid on the item, some may just set tons of bids on bid buddy and let it go seeing if they will win.
If you bid and don’t you, you can get all of your bids back with buy it now. Just pay the retail buy it now price.
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Would you drive an electric car? Would you become brand loyal to Apple if you could save money on Apple products?