Make Art Fun With RoseArt Washable Pens

The RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens are the perfect addition to any home art studio.

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RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens
As for the pens, they make holidays and birthday fun and exciting. The RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens come in assorted colors and each contains a .36 oz tube. The pack has 9 different colors and is great for arts, crafts and all other fun time applications. Now you can give your art the sparkle it deserves.
Another great aspects of the RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens is they’re non-toxic so you know they’re safe for your favorite youngsters. Your children will have hours of decorating fun and can now make their own cards, balloons, holiday decorations and other great pieces of art.
The pen tip makes for easy application and gives the artist the ability to perform highly detailed pieces of art. You’ll be amazed by the clean, smooth lines as the color dries and leaves a nice 3-D look. The shimmering colors add to the depth of the art and when you’re ready the RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue washes out in minutes with soap and water.
The pens are great for designing on clothes, fabrics and any other type of cloth. You’ll love the ability you have to create unique pieces of art. Kids love the pens because of the fun and excitement that comes with customizing clothes and parents love the pens because the worry free clean up.
They make a great gift for kids and grandkids and are excellent on birthdays and special occasions. Just imagine how much fun your youngsters will have on days like Easter and Halloween when they have the RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens and are able to create art on their favorite clothes that represents the holiday spirit.
RoseArt Washable Glitter Glue Pens
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