When You Really Should Not Bid on Penny Auctions

It’s super frustrating to use your hard earned money bidding on a penny auction site only to lose! Minimize your chances of losing and be sure to use buy it now to get your bids back!
Do you have any great bidding tips for DealDash.com and other penny auction sites? Here’s a few great tips for when you really should not be bidding!

When Not to Bid on Penny Auctions

  1. Don’t Bid When… You are not on a stable Internet connection. Say you’re at a restaurant, in your car on your cellphone (not driving I’d hope!), or at a cafe with less than stellar WiFi
  2. Your computer is about to do a scheduled update… it will shut off!
  3. Your battery is low and you don’t have your adapter with you.
  4. You’re stressed out
  5. You’re angry
  6. You’ve had too much to drink or eat? Trytophan may kick in and cause you to fall asleep!
  7. You have class
  8. You have an appointment
  9. You’re at work
  10. You have a date… and you end up forgetting
  11. You need to let your dog out – Use bid buddy!
  12. You don’t have that many bids left and no money to buy more
  13. There’s a hurricane, thunderstorm, snowstorm, or heat storm – your power could easily go out
  14. You’re expecting a package you have to sign for…
  15. You’re out of money and really can’t afford to lose…
  16. You are just bidding to win and you don’t even want the item…

All of the above can be avoided by using the Bid Buddy feature on DealDash.com.
Here’s how Bid Buddy works:
1. Under where it says BidBuddy – Your Automatic Bidding Tool type in the number of bids you would like BidBuddy to bid for you – then click “Book a BidBuddy!”
2. Put the number of bids you want the Bid Buddy to bid for you into the box next to “Book a Bidi Buddy” and it will bid that many bids for you. Just make sure you check this frequently as it could run out. You can refill it at any time, but the bids must be in your account!
Here’s what the Bid Buddy box looks like, it’s right below the “Bid Now” button and is on every auction: