Privileged Info: Spring Clearance at DealDash!

There is something magical about winning more than one auction on any given day at DealDash, it happens a lot! I love multi-win days, but that doesn’t always happen.  I found in the beginning, I would win a lot of small items, under $200 and I was so happy, but then as I got more experienced, I wanted more and more.  Bidding in the higher retail auctions takes perseverance and dedication, but it’s so worth it when bids are only .13 CENTS!  If you are new to DealDash, this is a perfect time to sharpen your skills, if you’ve been around a while, you know this is a great deal!

This week at DealDash bids will be between .13 and .15 cents, in fact only today is .15, then .14, .13, .13. 13! That is a beautiful thing!! When bids are this price it’s best to load up and go for the item over $200!  Why not?  You are getting all those extra bids because of the lower price, why not use them on your next win, go over your “norm”, if you usually use 50 bids on X item, use 75, maybe the extra 25 will do the trick!


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Not only are the bids only .13 to .15 cents, Monday-Friday all wins are 50% off, that is another reason to “overbid” many players that have been around for some time will use more bids than average when the item is half price, so now is when you would load up on bids and brace yourself for a battle, it’s a blast!!  The fireworks are just around the corner!

Now that you’ve won something, snap a photo of yourself and up load it as an attachment to the [email protected] they will be happy to reward you with up to 350 bids for your efforts, it depends on the retail value of your item and it’s all outlined on theirFacebook Page.

So have a blast this week at DealDash when bids are around .13 cents all week, it’s time to go for the big item because your final price is only HALF of the closing price.  This is a gift from DealDash, they pay half!!

Well, I’ll see you in the auctions!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!