New Shopping Strategies

Perhaps it’s time for us to develop some new winning strategies on Our old winning strategies might not work very well with the changes DealDash has made over the last several years.

I’ve been shopping on DealDash for more than 10 years, and DealDash made a lot of changes over the years. That is most likely the main reason DealDash is still here. They have learned the art of constantly improving and moving forward with the times.

Based on some articles and statistics I’ve read, many new companies go under during the first three years. To be successful and survive all new companies must find a way to thrive during those first three crucial years, and DealDash did that, but they did not stop there. They constantly look for new ways to keep us happy because happy customers are loyal customers. 

So what does that have to do with us? To be successful shoppers and continue to win our share of auctions we must also make a few changes. A good place to start is by taking another look at our old winning strategies. Perhaps we need to develop some new ones.

The right strategy can make you a winner.

Real examples

Old Strategy No. 1: Wait until an auction is about to block all new bidders and place our first bid at the last possible moment when the auction reaches $4.99 or $5.00. By using this strategy, we watched other shoppers use up most of their bids before the auction reached $5.00. By saving the bulk of our bids until the last minute we were often able to outlast other bidders and win the auction.

Why our old strategy no longer works: DealDash might no longer block all new bidders at $5.00. Sometimes DealDash blocks all new bidders when the auction reaches $1.50 or another amount less than $5.00. Therefore, if we wait until the auction reaches $5.00 we could already be blocked and miss out on our opportunity to participate in the auction period.

New Strategy No. 1: To ensure we will not get blocked from competing in an auction we must make sure we get our first bid in early instead of waiting until the last minute. Once we are in, we could always come back later (unless we see the fist icon).

Old Strategy No. 2: Place one bid early and then wait until the auction gets down to the last few shoppers before we come back and place the bulk of our bids. By using this strategy, we were not blocked from competing in the auction and we could wait until the auction got down to the last few shoppers before we placed the bulk of our bids. By doing this, we could often outbid all other shoppers.

Why our old strategy might no longer work: If the auction shows a fist icon, this will no longer work. If the auction shows a fist, we cannot jump in and out of an auction whenever we want. Once these auctions reach the designated limit no other bidders are allowed back in — even if we placed some bids earlier. Once we’re out, we’re out and cannot get back in.

New Strategy No. 2: If the auction shows a fist icon we must place the bulk of our bids shortly before the cutoff designated to block all new bidders. Then we must make sure we don’t run out of bids. As long as we do not run out of bids, we can add more bids.  However, once we run out of bids or leave the auction, we cannot get back in. Therefore, our new strategy is to ensure we never run out of bids.

The bottom line

Life is all about change, folks – out with the old and in with the new. As DealDash implements new changes to be a successful company, we must also implement new shopping strategies to be successful shoppers.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.