Brew Perfect With the Magisso Green Tea Cup

DealDash loves innovation and providing customers with the ultimate in modern technology like the Magisso Green Tea Cup.

This two set of tea cups is different from your standard tea cups. They make enjoying the perfect cup of tea easy and enjoyable. How do they work? It’s easy, just tilt the Magisso Green Tea Cup so it’s filter side of the cup is the lower side. After that, simply place your tea leaves in the filter and add hot water. Once you’re water has covered the tea leaves, let it steep for 3 minutes or so and then tilt the cup back the other way to remove the leaves from the liquid.
Magisso Green Tea Cup
The tea will stop steeping and you’ll have the perfect cup of brewed tea. You can steep it longer depending on your own preferences but too long will cause the flavor to turn bitter. The tea is now ready to be enjoyed and the leaves that are resting in the strainer will continue to add their desired aroma. The Magisso Green Tea Cup makes it easy to adjust the strength of the tea without affecting the tea flavor too much.
The cups are made from 100% dishwasher safe, food grade plastic. Without a doubt these are some of the coolest tea cups you’ll find on DealDash. Make sure if you want to get a set to place bids early and keep your eyes on it once you have. It’s easy to lose a bid if you’re not keeping track of what’s going on.
Once you win you Magisso Tea Cups you’ll be ready to enjoy some of the freshest tea you’ve ever tasted. The set of cups make it easy to enjoy a cup of your favorite fresh brewed hot beverage alone or with a friend without having to deal with the mess of an entire set.
Magisso Green Tea Cup
Magisso continues to inspire us with new fresh kitchenware and other great items. You can find a whole assortment of their products on DealDash. If you want to place a bid on your own set of the Magisso Green Tea Cup go to DealDash to place it. You’ll find a ton of other great items at a wonderful price.