Get Comfortable With the Intex Inflatable Chair

The Intex Inflatable Chair, model 68564E is a great pull out style recliner that’s comfortable and sets up in your favorite room.

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Intex Inflatable Chair
As for the chair, it is constructed to the highest quality material and is both durable and made to last. Built for ultimate versatility with a waterproof design, it is ideal for both camping and indoor use.
The Intex Inflatable Chair is also perfect for when you have house guests or friends of your children over. Use the comfy chair to watch TV, read a  book or just plain out relax. When you or your guest is ready for bed, you can pull out the cushion completely and turn it into a twin-size air mattress.
Intex Inflatable Chair
There’s plenty of other features the chair as well. For example, you can use the built in cup holder, use it for beverages and snacks alike. Everything you need to be completely chilled out will be perfectly within arm’s reach. The Intex Inflatable Chair also has extra-large valves so you can easily inflate and deflate it. You can literally have a full sized chair that is super comfortable within minutes. And when you’re done you can deflate and fold it up into its compact, portable transportation form.
The gray colored, cushion soft, inflatable chair is perfect for every occasion or situation. You won’t have to feel bad any longer when you don’t have a place for your friends and guest to sit. Another time this wonderful chair comes in handy is during moving or when visiting a friend or in-law.
Intex Inflatable Chair
Bring the Intex Inflatable Chair with you everywhere you go is a great way to keep comfy while never having to inconvenience your friends or family. Once again you can bid on the chair and other modern household items on DealDash. Just head to the website, get set up and start placing bids immediately. The best chance you have at winning is to watch your bid closely and make sure you’re there during the closing moments. And remember at DealDash there is always  100% money back guarantee.