Legendary Customer Service

Congratulations to James Rodgers, the Head of Customer Support at DealDash.com, and his outstanding Team of customer support agents.

James and his team were recently recognized by Pasi Lohi, CEO of DealDash, for providing “legendary” customer service. To honor the DealDash Customer Support team I decided to interview James to find out what it takes to provide such awesome support. Let’s find out.

“Listening is definitely a prerequisite to do any customer service,” said James, who joined the DealDash team in 2015. “Customer Service is a skill for life. Don’t be tricked into thinking it is temporary or you will ever somehow be above it, because you simply will not. Never stop putting customers first and striving to make your level of support even stronger!”

If you see James at work, he is usually smiling. He loves his Team and getting to know the DealDash community.

Based on many amazing DealDash Support Team reviews on social media, James and his team not only “talk the talk”, but they also “walk the walk.” As a long-time DealDash customer myself, I can personally attest to the fact that James and his team do, in fact, go above and beyond to put customers first.

For example, I once won a high-dollar, high-end ladies bag (purse) that was made out of the highest grade leather. I had never owned such an expensive bag in my life and I was very happy with it except for one thing — It did not come with a long shoulder strap. I did not file a formal complaint because it was my fault. All I did was mention my disappointment to James and let him know why a shoulder strap for such a large bag is so important. I tried to find a shoulder strap myself  but I was not able to find one with a wide enough band to work with such a large bag. Some weeks later James notified me that he managed to find a shoulder strap for my bag and he shipped it to me. I thought he had probably forgotten all about it so I was super surprised and happy. I was jumping with joy!  

“We can always find new ways to delight and inspire our customers,” James said. “Somewhere along the way I may have become addicted to providing experiences to people that I could only dream of having myself. People will always remember how we’ve made them feel and we can’t afford to miss an opportunity.”

James certainly did not miss the opportunity to help me in an unexpected way.

Rewarding Work

I asked James what he likes most about his job at DealDash as the head of customer service.

“I have been so lucky to create meaningful relationships with our customers, and my favorite part is learning about them on a personal level,” he said. “It’s so nice to know where people come from, about their families and who they are as people. They make our job so fun.”

I also asked James to name one characteristic that is most important to providing high-quality customer service and he guessed that universally most people would simply say, “Empathy.”  

“I believe this is true but overly simplistic,” James said. “I will take it a step further and reframe it as ‘empathetic grit’ to encapsulate three things in one –empathy, grit and resilience. We need to have empathy and always be on the same side as our customer no matter what. We love getting ‘slam-dunks’ with our customers. We are on the same team.

“But it doesn’t stop there,” James continued. “We need courage and mental strength to dig deep and question the obvious. Not all solutions will be easy so we need to be strong, self-sacrificing and even creative in how we approach things to make sure we are able to satisfy a customer’s unique set of needs. We also need grit to stay focused on being fast. Last, but not least, we need resilience. We need to put the reps in over and over and stay committed to the mission.”

Amazingly, the average first reply time for James and his Customer Support team is only 10 minutes. I doubt other businesses could beat that.

“Customer Service is an equalizer and extremely important in any company,” James said. “At the highest level it is much nuanced and brings practitioners humility. I’ve smiled, laughed and even cried with customers.

“We have such a wonderful, high-performing team here at DealDash Customer Support,” James said. “Things might not always work out perfectly … but we must never give up. The pursuit of legendary support is continuous!”

I can honestly say the customer service I have received since 2012 is the best I have ever experienced anywhere else, so please help me thank James and his “Legendary” Customer Support team by saying a few kind words to them or letting them know what you think about DealDash’s customer support the next time you talk with them!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.