Labor Day Free Event!

Labor Day is the perfect time for DealDash to honor people who work very hard every day. This is also the weekend when we say good bye to Summer, but why do we have to say good bye to savings?  We don’t at DealDash! This past year I have won so many items for my Labor Day celebration that I just had to share it all with you. My favorite win for this weekend is a Bocce Ball Set. It seems so simple but it is something that brings the family together to spend hours together all while laughing and having a wonderful time. If you think you can find a better daal than Free! then I challenge you.
DealDash offers different sales all the time, but nothing is more exciting than having an event where every win is FREE! For a brief time DealDash will offer bids at .12 cents to .14 cents while at the same time every item you win will have a final price of FREE plus Free Shipping!!
I have found that while I am entertaining my guests, who don’t even know that I have all the bids I need to win my favorite item all set up on Deal Dash Mobile app. all while I BBQ a few hamburgers!. This summer DealDash is offering a wide variety of yard decorations, party and buffet items and any thing you might need to make your summer festivities a hit!. I have found grills, yard decoration and many things for the children to play with!
What ever your taste, DealDash has the items you need to fill your summer festivities. Don’t forget this weekend you will earn free bids for every bid you  place and you will find deals at FREE!
Written by Donna M., customer since 2014.