Inventory Liquidation Week

Did you know that is now having an inventory Liquidation Week to make room for some new products?

All of products designated for inventory clearance are marked with a round blue circle with box in the middle. We might want to check out all of the items that will soon be eliminated in case we want to shop for them before they are no longer available.

Let’s take a look at some of the products on DealDash that are part of the inventory clearance.

Two Special Lids with Cast Iron Skillet

Two special lids come with this cast iron skillet and the complete set has a BIN of $294.00.

This is one auction we might not want to miss, especially since previous winners love this set so much they gave it an overall rating of 5.0 out of a possible 5.0 and ratings never get any better than that.

One of the things former winners like most are the special lids is that they come with a filter in the top that takes the mess out of frying. The cover fits over 9.5-inch to 11-inch pans and (according to the DealDash description) “traps condensation, routing it down the glass dome to collect in the silicone drip-free rim. This keeps water from mixing with the frying oil, reducing spatter and keeps the oil clean longer.”

This sounds very good to me because I often have liquids over-flow onto my stove top. This set, however, keeps the trapped condensation from escaping onto our counter. Instead, the steam escapes through the activated charcoal filter, “which traps odors and releases clean steam.” Once the drip tray and filter holder are removed, it is dishwasher safe. Replacement filters are available, too.

For more detailed information, see the auction description.

Summer Shirt Dress

This summer shirt dress with a BIN of $240.00 is another popular item that has been designated as part of the inventory clearance. It has an overall rating of 4.96 out of 5.0.

This shirt dress is perfect to wear to a pool party or beach club and it is apparently a smashing hit when received as a gift. One former winner stated, “My girlfriend loves it” and another former winner wrote, “Wife loves it.” Still another former winner commented that it is so well packaged and comes in such a cute box that it makes an excellent gift.

A few of the former winners also received an awesome bargain:

  • March 29, this shirt dress sold at 55 cents and the winner paid a total of $5.75 including the cost of the 26 bids placed; and
  • March 27, this shirt dress sold at $1.15 and the winner paid a total of $8.29 including the cost of the 40 bids placed.

Since the “no jumper limit” was lowered from the usual $5.00 to only $1.50 it will most likely sell at another bargain price and make another girlfriend or wife very happy.

Handmade Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag

Did you see the handmade canvas and leather bag with a BIN of $300.00? This is another popular auction product that is now designated as one of the inventory clearance items.

This messenger bag with an “antique touch” measures 15.7-inches by 11.4-inches, so it is compact but well-made and durable. It could be ideal for daily commutes and comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

For more information about this product, please see the auction description.

The bottom line

If we want to win any of the inventory clearance items, we better shop now before they are all gone.

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