Love Instagram? Try Instax?! The Real Instant Camera

Do you just LOVE taking photos with your smartphone?
Do you find yourself instagramming and hashtagging every time you eat something delicious or do something new and interesting?
Do you just take a selfie after you spent an hour doing your makeup to go out for the day? You may love Instagram and love taking photos, but you will really love it when you can take photos and instantly develop them. Sure, you can still take a picture with your iPhone, but real pictures are the ones that you can see, hang on your wall or give to your friend or loved one. Instax by FujiFilm is an instant camera that prints out the photo you take right after you take it. Pretty awesome right? It’s similar to a classic Polaroid camera, but more compact. The Instax by FujiFilm produces credit card sized photos in moments!
Even better news! DealDash offers deals on both the Instax FujiFilm camera and on the film! The buy it now price on DealDash for the Instax camera is $111, so remember – if you don’t win it you can buy it now and get your bids back and this nifty, instant camera. fujifilm instax mininstax film deal

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 White Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 – Instant camera – lens: 60 mmTaking fun to the next level is easy with this sure to be a party favorite instant film camera. Producing cute, creditcard-sized images in just a matter of moments, image enthusiasts young and old alike will once again enjoy walking away with an event souvenir just as soon as the shutter clicks. With a high-quality Fujinon lens in combination with the Instax mini film, superior images are just an instant away.

  • Programmed electronic shutter release
  • 2 shutter release buttons
  • Automatic exposure compensation
  • Built-in auto flash

These Instax cameras are great for parties, weddings, every day, travel and more. There’s something to be said about being able to look through a photo album vs. a Facebook wall! So get bidding and good luck winning!
What do you love to take photos of?