Don't Understand DealDash? This Will Help!

Are you confused by bidding on DealDash? Not sure how it works?
See all the deals that are show on the winners page and think it could be too good to be true?
Well, it’s time you take a look at DealDash and understand how it works.
The number one problem new bidders to DealDash have when they sign up and buy bids, then don’t win, then cry scam is not understanding how the site works and how other people win auctions.
If you’ve been watching (or betting?) on the fight of the year, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao in what is speculated to be the most lucrative fight of the year with pay-per-view purchases of up to $400M, you may want to get in on the auction and start trying kickboxing/boxing with a brand new Everlast 100-pound heavy bag kit auction, but how do you bid? … Find out below.everlast
DealDash is an auction site in the sense that everyone places bids to try to win, but it’s an auction-deal site with a bit of a twist.
The high bidder wins, but not the same way that the high bidder on eBay wins. Each bidder has a chance to buy bids and place bids to win an auction of their choosing on DealDash.  Unlike eBay, where the timer counts down, and the bidder who has bid the highest when the time runs out, DealDash has timers that count down, s have timers that count down, BUT – and this is what you must understand before you bid. The auction clock may show 10 seconds left, but time will be added or reset with each new bid placed. So really, when is 10 seconds left not really 10 seconds left? Any time a bidder places a bid in an actively counting down auction. Not only does the timer increase, or reset with each new bid, the “auction price” increases by $0.01  with each bid placed.  If you are the highest bidder right now you may not be in a second if someone else places a bid over you. The auction can continue until everyone stops bidding when the timer makes it way down to 0 seconds, this then declares the winner of the auction.
Now that you know how DealDash is different from the typical-online auction like eBay, will you bid to win? This Everlast Bag Kit sold for just $0.51 – 51 bids total! See how much money you could save if you win?
If you don’t win all you have to do is buy the item to get your bids back!