How to Be A Better DealDash Bidder Right Now

Do you get frustrated when you spend money on bids on DealDash, or any penny auction site, and you run out or bids, or the auction ends before you can place a bid? Want to get the great prices that other bidders are, but not sure how? Scared to lose your money?

Bidding on DealDash can be both enjoyable and rewarding, but you have to take into account a few factors to succeed and help you be a better bidder.

If you want to win more auctions you need to keep the following tips in mind: 

1. Start out by bidding on just bid pack auctions. If you go for just bid pack auctions you can build a sizable bidding account. This will help you out immensely later on when you want to bid on higher dollar items. Find out how to win and get more free bids!

2. Bid only on the items that you want to use buy it now on. DealDash’s auctions are all 100% buy it now, so this means if you do not win something with the bids you have spent you can just buy the item and get your bids back. This saves you money and allows you to bid again and try to win more items for less than the retail price.

3. Observe the auctions before you start bidding.  When you are new you must spend time watching items and not just bidding. Make sure you keep tabs on bidders and watch how many bids they spend to win, where they are at on their monthly win limit limit and what they bid on and win. A bidder’s win limit status is shown right next to a bidder’s profile avatar when they bid.

Start by placing just one bid on an auction and then watch and see how many other bidders are going to place a bid too. Wait until it shows “no new bidders” then you will know how many others might still be in the auction bidding, because after $3.00 no new users can come in and start bidding.

4. Spend wisely and budget your bids. Make sure you keep track of how much money you are spending when you are bidding on penny auctions. You can easily get carried away and spend too much money on bids and not win anything. Again, use buy it now!

5. Read reviews and tips by other DealDash bidders. These can be found on the DealDash Facebook page, this blog and