Easter Week Sale at DealDash

Easter is a great time to cash in on some great bargains at DealDash, well, everyday is a great time to cash in on deals, but this week is special!  I love a holiday sale!  DealDash has set the final price of auctions at 50% or even free during this Easter holiday because so many players are busy.  But, don’t let that fool you!! The site does get busy during these great sales, but the beauty of DealDash is they add lot’s of auctions when  there are a lot of players. So just because they are busy, doesn’t mean you won’t win! You will!

Not only will you win, everything is 50% OFF on Monday 3/21/16 and Tuesday 3/22/2016, but that’s not all!  On Wednesday the 23 and Thursday the 24, all auction wins are free!!!  During the 50% off sale any item you win will cost you half of the closing price, so if an auction closes at $5.00, you will pay only $2.50.  On Thursday and Friday ALL WINS ARE FREE!! That means DealDash picks up the tab and all you pay is a one penny transaction fee which creates a paper trail for you new item.

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As well as 50% Off and Free the price of bids in lower too, they range between .113 and .15 all week, only Monday is .15 the rest of the week is discounted.  I love the sales because it’s a great time to stock up on a bunch of bids.  When you do this you can go for that special item you’ve been dreaming of!

If you want to find out when DealDash is having a sale simply go to their Facebook Page, there you will find a host of information about sales and you will see whom is winning and what great deals they got doing it.  DealDash also offers a huge gift of bids if you post a photo oh yourself with your win.  Something I’ve noticed is the same people post all the time, that means a few things.  First, they are winning over and over. and Second, a lot of people are missing out on free bids.  I can not believe how few people cash in on these free bids.  It’s so easy to upload a photo to DealDash for free bids!! Just do it!  I’m out there quite often…..but who am I, ah, ah, ah…….not telling!  I like my privacy. That being said, I like to share my wonderful experiences with you.

Check my blog often, I will share what I’ve learned, keep your secrets, help you win and do it all with a smile….I’m smiling right now!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!