Great Family Games

Christmas is not far away and it’s a good idea to do our shopping early. is a good place to start. I see a few auction items that would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the entire family. Best of all, we have the opportunity to win these items at a bargain price while having fun at the same time. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few family games that first caught my eyes.

Try starting a family game night for some quality time together!

Table Tennis

Wow! This Table Tennis (Ping Pong) game with a BIN of $610 brought back so many wonderful memories of playing it with my brothers and sisters. However, back in my younger days we called it Ping Pong. I was one of 14 kids, so we were too poor to afford to buy a nice official gaming table like this one. Instead we had to use our long dining room table but the best part was that I never ran out of having enough players because I always had plenty of brothers and sisters to play the game with me.

So far, this new item has only one review by a former winner – a 5.0 out of a possible 5.0 and ratings never get any better.

I’m sure the official Tennis Table works much better, and according to the auction description, this ping pong table “is of tournament-quality” and is “designed specifically for professional-level play.” 

Special features include:

  • A cotton-blend 72-inch net with a sturdy steel spring clamp post system that can be assembled and removed from the table in seconds;
  • The 20mm-thick table top has a multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen finish; 
  • The table arrives 95 percent preassembled out of  the box;
  • Transportability of the table is easy and convenient;
  • The 4-inch thick premium lockable casters make for a convenient storage and quick setup. 

Whoever wins this Tennis Table auction will be sure to make many happy family memories.

Dartboard Cabinet

A few years ago, I won a dartboard game that I still have hanging on a wall in my house. I soon learned I needed a protective cover on the surrounding wall where it’s hanging to prevent the wall from getting full of dart holes when bad players completely miss the dartboard. Other than that, it’s a really fun game that the entire family from about age 8 and up can enjoy playing. 

However, this dartboard with a BIN of $88 is a step up from the one I won some years ago. This dartboard includes LED lights, six steel-tip darts and flights, as well as a marker with an eraser which would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s game room. The cabinet, which measures 40-inches long by 4.375 inches wide by 24.635-inches high, requires four AA batteries that are not included.

Other special features are:

  • Premium 18-inch self-healing board with a staple-free bulls-eye target;
  • Removable steel number ring to increase the durability of the dartboard;
  • Built-in LED lights to illuminate the target; and 
  • Dual easy wipe cricket scoreboards on each side of the cabinet.

The bottom line

Let’s all shop on  for games that include the whole family so we can have fun and make some lasting memories this holiday season.

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