Get a Winning Edge

Try Shopping on Holidays

Do you know what DealDash shoppers often do on holiday weekends?

Many people put their internet devices down to celebrate with family and friends for BBQs, good food, fun times and fireworks. We should all do that sometimes. That’s great, but it’s especially great for shoppers who do not stop shopping.

I live too far away to get together with family for all holiday celebrations, so to me that means holiday weekends might be the best time of all to enjoy some DealDash shopping. Why? With less competition, we get the opportunity to win some of our best deals yet!

My mother often said, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” If we change that quote a bit, we could apply it to DealDash shopping:  “When the most powerful shoppers are away (celebrating), the rest of us can play (and win more deals).”

Holiday shopping definitely gave me a winning edge. I won two bid packs for a small number of bids, so I’m already a happy holiday shopper. Holiday weekends also offer some of the best DealDash features, like bargain prices for bid packs, 3X on the clock and/or the Leaderboard.

Try these strategies too…

Look for auctions that have the lowest number of shoppers who are actively participating.

When the auction gets down to the last three, write down the screen names and look at the Winners’ List for those screen names.  If any of those screen names won an auction within the last three hours, check for the following:

  • Did they win more than they lost?  In other words, did they use more bids to win the auction than they gained from winning the auction?
  • Did they win a product that is worth a large number of bids? If they did an exchange, how many bids would they have to the good?
  • Did any of the final competitors win more than one auction in the last three hours? If so, how many bids would that player have to outbid us?

Perhaps one of the players competing with us lost more than they won, but shows a pattern of consistently overbidding the BIN value of the auction. Under those circumstances, it might be wise for us to stop and invest our bids in a different auction.

If none of our competitors won anything in the last three hours, it might be wise for us to check one more thing.  Do a search for bid packs and write down the screen names of everyone who won a large bid pack in the last four months. Players, who won a 9,000 bid pack, a 7,474 bid pack, a 2,104 bid pack, or a 1,776 bid pack, cannot win it again. However, players who won one or more of those large bid packs will most likely still have a lot of bidding power.

Another thing to check is the date other players started shopping on DealDash. If the shopper is a newbie or an experienced shopper it can make a significant difference if we choose to cancel our bids or to add more.

The bottom line

No doubt, some wealthy power players on DealDash have loads of bids and are only here to have fun. Regardless, if we take all of the things I mentioned into consideration, we will play smart and save a lot of bids.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.