Featured Special Events

Do you have a favorite featured “special event” when shopping on DealDash.com?

To keep its auctions fun and exciting, DealDash offers many different “special events” on a rotating basis.

Favorite Special Events

When shopping on DealDash, two of my favorite “special events” are:

  • 2X to 4X on the timer — By shopping on DealDash during this featured “special event” our green line (bottom right) moves to the right two to four times faster. Therefore, even if we do not win the auction, all is not lost because at least we will receive our free bid pack at the end much sooner.
  • 50 percent off to the winner — During this featured “special event” DealDash pays half of the tab of the final selling price, whatever it may be, when the auction closes. Therefore, winners of these auctions have to pay only half of the selling cost and the cost of the bids used to win the auction.

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