Essentials for the Best Thanksgiving Feast

Yum! Thanksgiving is almost here! Thanksgiving 2014 falls on November 27. What are you planning for your Thanksgiving? Are you thinking of preparing a feast, or just a small dinner at home? If you love to make all the delicious Thanksgiving dishes: Mashed potatoes, turkey, green bean casseroles, beats, sweet potatoes, salad, pies, oh! Get ready to eat, but first you will need to figure out how you will prepare all of the scrumptious dishes. If you don’t want to, you really don’t have to thanks to this awesome Thanksgiving Feast auction on
Family Thanksgiving Feast
family thanksgiving
It’s all here! This Thanksgiving, gather around a truly gourmet feast that’ll have the whole family saying, “Thanks!” The centerpiece is our Oven-Ready Basted Turkey, a 10 lb. bird that’s perfectly seasoned with a savory honey brown sugar blend and ready for the oven. A roasting bag is included, so all you need to do is preheat and set the timer! Of course, all the traditional dishes are here, too – Green Beans, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Dressing. Each is easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. And when the meal’s almost over, bring out the Pumpkin Cheesecakes and they’ll say “Thanks” all over again.*

10 lb. Whole Basted Turkey

4/12 oz. Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

4/12 oz. Green Bean Casserole

4/11 oz. Sage Dressing

4/12 oz. All Natural Turkey Gravy

8 Individual Pumpkin Cheesecakes


Orders need to be RECEIVED by us by 11-13-14 in order to GUARANTEE delivery prior to 11-26-14 for all U.S. Zip Codes.

If you still want to cook the turkey and all the fixings yourself you could save tons of time with this auction for a Nuwave PRO Infrared Oven! You can grill, roast, bake and steam a whole turkey – without even needing to defrost it! Plus, it cooks food 50% faster than a conventional oven.

nuwave-ovenIf you’re wondering how you’re going to keep all of the delicious dishes warm to serve a crowd this Thanksgiving be sure to bid on this Oster triple-warmer buffet server. It allows you to heat multiple dishes with three 1-1/2 quart buffet pans with variable heat to keep your meal at just the right temperature.
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buffet server