Tips for Thanksgiving DealDash Wins


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and DealDash might have a few tricks up their sleeve. Who wants to win Thanksgiving auctions?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While I am enjoying my turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce tomorrow, I’ll also be keeping a close eye on DealDash. This is because DealDash often has great prices on bids on holidays, and not only that, they often have some amazing promotions as well. If you want to win some auctions on Thanksgiving you should read this article.

Install the DealDash App

Since you’re undoubtedly going to be busy with cooking and family tomorrow, then I highly suggest that you download and install the DealDash app. If you don’t have the app yet, you can download it at this link right here. Not only is it a different fun and exciting way to bid on DealDash, it’s also free. You don’t want to have to go hide yourself away in your office on your desktop computer, or drag your laptop out onto the dining room table next to the turkey! Just get the app. It makes life a lot easier. You can download it for any Android or Apple iOS device, all for free.

If you’re not yet convinced that the app is the way to go, look at all of the things that you can do right on your phone or iPad:

  • Browse and bid on all of the auctions on the main page
  • Open up individual auction pages
  • Do a search for an item
  • Look through the categories
  • Make your own avatar
  • Check your dashboard
  • See the auctions that you have won (or BINned)
  • Set BidBuddies
  • Bid on auctions
  • Set Alerts
  • Save favorites

Again, here is the link to download the free app.

The BidBuddy Doesn’t Eat Turkey

If you’re not planning on downloading the app, then you should definitely look ahead to the auctions tomorrow and set some BidBuddies. When you’re chowing down on turkey, the BidBuddy will be bidding for you. No matter what you’re doing, the BidBuddy will bid tirelessly until he runs out of bids. BidBuddy is your secret weapon in the auction.

Using the BidBuddy is important to maximize your wins, especially on holidays. If you aren’t using the BidBuddy, here’s how it works. BidBuddy is available to every bidder, free of charge, on every auction that you want to use it on. Open up and auction, and in the middle of the screen, you’ll see a space and a button that says “Book a Bid Buddy”. Just click on the space that says “add bids here” and put in the number of bids you’re willing to spend on this particular DealDash auction. Then hit enter. It’s that easy, and you’ll be winning more auctions on Thanksgiving than you thought that you would!

Thanks for Reading

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DealDash has Thanksgiving promos, so be sure to visit DealDash and see what you can bid on. DealDash has everything you need for your home and family. DealDash is the site where you can have a good time bidding. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone! Enjoy your holiday!

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