Celebrate DealDash's 5th Birthday With These 5 Bidding Tips!

dealdash-birthdayWow, DealDash is 5 years old already! In honor of DealDash’s 5th Birthday, bids are 5x cheaper at $0.18 each and here are 5 quick tips for winning more auctions on DealDash. 

  •  The best time to bid is when less people are bidding. This could very well be in the middle of the night into the early hours of the morning.
  • Keep your eye on the prize. Don’t lose focus or get distracted.
  • Don’t waste time or money bidding on items you don’t really want. Seek the items that you are deadset on winning and bid on those. Every time you throw away bids on an item you don’t really want or care to bid that much and go “all in” on you’re wasting money.  
  • Bid wisely. Wait until the very last few seconds (3-1 seconds), but watch out – Your computer/Internet speed and the auction’s timer, due to Internet latency may not match up. Watch and try to figure out who might be on bid buddy. Do the other bidder’s have a pretty consistent bidding pattern? If it looks like others are on bid buddy wait until they may back out.   
  • Bid on bid packs. Collect bids by bidding on bid packs, especially in the middle of the night when less users are vying for them. Stock up on bids and then once you’ve accumulated a lot of bids, pick that item you really really want and pull the trigger // figuratively speaking – conservatively place a set number of bids (say your stockpile of 500+) and then go for it!

Hope you win!
Do you bid on DealDash?