DealDash Tips You Need to Succeed


There are many ways to succeed on DealDash. Here are a few tips that you need to succeed.

Learning all of the information that you can about bidding on DealDash will put you in a good position for success. There is no “one size fits all” path to winning auctions. There are, however, tips that you need to pay attention to that will maximize your success. Read on for more information.

Don’t think of the Other Bidders as Competition

It’s true, you are bidding against other people, however, you are the one in control of your success. When you think of the other bidders as the competition it can make you feel worried or anxious. You are really only competing against yourself, however, because you are in control of your destiny on DealDash. You will never go away empty-handed on DealDash if you are willing to BIN (Buy It Now) an auction. You might not be the winner of the auction, but you won’t be out all of your bids, either.

When you BIN an auction that means that you are buying it for the regular price. The price of each auction is shown on its page. And as you are bidding you will see a button under the bidding button that says “Buy It Now for $X.xx”. When you have finished bidding and do not want to participate anymore you can hit that button and it will take you to a payment screen. Once you have completed the payment you will notice that all of the bids that you used have been returned to your bid bank.

Be Aware As You Bid

Another important tip to remember when bidding on DealDash is to be aware as you are bidding. Even if you are using the BidBuddy to place bids for you, you will want to still watch the auction if you are able to. By staying aware of what is going on in the auction you will be able to save a few bids. For example, if you see that lots of people have joined the auction you might want to pause your BidBuddy. It’s very highly unlikely than 5+ people will stop bidding at the same time. If you’re paying attention and staying aware you will be able to jump back into the action when the number of bidders has reduced to 3 or fewer. Don’t wait too long to jump back in, though, I have seen 3 people stop bidding at the same moment many times.

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See what interesting promotions and amazing sales are on DealDash today. Pick an auction and set your BidBuddy, but don’t forget to pay attention and stay alert. It’s your choice how you want to use DealDash, using these tips will help you succeed.

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