DealDash Tips – Winning Great Things is Easy

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Winning great things on DealDash is easy. Here are some hints and tips to get the most out of your bids.

Playing on DealDash is fun and exciting. How often are you a winner? Winning on DealDash doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of great things to be won. You just have to follow these simple tips and you will be winning great things in no time!

Bid at the Right Time

Bidding on DealDash at the right time is paramount to your success. When is the right time? When there are not a lot of other bidders, of course! DealDash has 8 million registered users, though, so finding a time when the auctions are empty isn’t so simple. Since DealDash is used by people across the United States, you have to think about time zones. When it’s midnight on the East Coast, and we are falling asleep at the keyboard it’s only 9 PM over in California. If you’re on the East Coast, perhaps setting your alarm an hour earlier in the morning to bid when those Californians are asleep might be a better option. Play around with it. You’ll figure out what times work best for you.

Bid on the Right Items

Great things don’t necessarily have to be super-expensive! If you’re coming on DealDash thinking that you’re going to win a TV, laptop, or high-end kitchen appliance every time you’re probably going to be disappointed. There are many many great things on DealDash that aren’t hundreds of dollars such as jewelry, smaller kitchen accessories, and sports equipment.

Have Fun While You Bid

Bidding on DealDash should be fun! If you’re sitting at your computer angry and stressed out that someone else is winning, maybe it’s time to set your BidBuddy and walk away. Years ago, when I first started using DealDash it would stress me out to watch the auctions as they were going on. I soon learned that it was much more satisfying to me to set my BidBuddy for the number of bids to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price of an auction, leave the computer open, but walk away. When I came back a few hours later I could still have the satisfaction of seeing the fireworks if I won, but I wouldn’t feel tense by watching the whole auction play out.

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