DealDash Tips: When to Bid, That is the Question

If you are used to bidding at DealDash, you know that there are better times than others to bid.  At times, I’ve asked myself, why are you even bidding?  It just doesn’t make sense to bid at times, here are a few of those times from my point of view.

First, let me start by saying there are many, many great times to bid!! You will get accustomed to those times the more you bid.  If you are bidding at the same time all the time, it’s time to mix it up, especially if you aren’t winning as much as you thought you should.  I have found that if I win 1 in ten of the auctions I enter, I’m doing ok.  I am sure this is a good level to win as I’ve won over 400 auctions in two years.  I’m sure there are people who win way more than 10% of the auctions they enter, but at what cost? My goal here today is to let you know when not to bid.

  1. Don’t bid on a large ticket items if you only have 200 bids.
  2. Don’t bid in an auction with a player who has beat you up more than once.
  3. Don’t bid when the site is crowded…you can tell this by the number of entrants in the auction.  Just count the avatars, if there are way too many, don’t bid.
  4. Don’t bid on Saturday night, yes sir, it’s the busiest night of the week.  If you are the faint of heart, don’t bid on Sat. eve.
  5. Don’t bid when you’re angry, there is nothing  good to come from trying to show someone a lesson.

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These are just a few of the times I have found to not bid.  I will tell you that even though I say don’t bid on Saturday night, it’s my favorite night of the week to bid.  I love the challenge, I love getting to know new players, and I just love DealDash so much that I won’t stay away, even on a Saturday night!!

If you are bidding on a budget or you’ve found yourself “foolishly bidding” it’s time to take a step backwards and reevaluate your strategy.

My next article will focus on the times you should bid!  Stay tuned!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!