Happy Memorial Day from DealDash Tips


Happy Memorial Day from DealDash Tips, everyone! Here are some great items that you can get from DealDash for BBQs and outdoor fun.

Memorial Day is typically full of parades, BBQs, picnics, and fun times outdoors with friends and family. Just because Memorial Day is almost over doesn’t mean that you won’t want to do these activities anymore! The Spring is slowly but surely turning into Summer, and there is lots of fun to be had in the future. Here are some wonderful items that you can use outdoors with your friends and family, from DealDash.

Kayaks and Camping

Two things that are so much more enjoyable now that the weather is getting warmer are going kayaking and camping. These are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy together. DealDash can help you get supplies for both of these activities! If you click on this link right here you can see the kayak equipment that you can bid on and win. If you need camping equipment to go with your kayak for a fun weekend trip, then you can click this link here. There, you will find tents, sleeping bags, and many more useful things that you can use on your camping trip.


If camping and kayaking are a little too outdoorsy for you, how about having a nice picnic? Eating a lovely picnic lunch at your local park or even in your backyard is fun for you and the rest of the family. DealDash has many great picnic items that you can win or BIN (Buy It Now). Some of these things include picnic baskets, insulated bags, coolers, and even a picnic table! Simply click this link here and you will be taken to see these picnic items.


Finally, what list of fun outdoor family activities would be complete without mentioning grilling? Almost everyone loves a BBQ, and DealDash has plenty of grilling items for you. DealDash has indoor grills, both small and large outdoor grills, grill brushes and accessories, and even meat packs from Omaha Steaks! I’m sure you’re probably getting hungry thinking about picnicking and grilling, so just click this link and you can get started.

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Check out these super items on DealDash, and enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day. Try these tips from DealDash and you will have a ton of fun with your family and friends outdoors this summer.

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Are you ready to follow these Memorial Day bidding tips on DealDash? Keep these DealDash tips in mind and be sure to follow them. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a good time on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!DealDash Memorial Day

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Enjoyed Your Holiday? Tips from DealDash

DealDash Tips

I hope that you had a lovely Memorial Day! Now it’s time to go on DealDash, there are some surprises to be had!

How was your day? I hope that it was full of family, friends, and delicious  BBQed food. Do you have the best grill and outdoor items? If not, maybe it’s time to get back to DealDash and win those coveted items that you want. Here are some tips from DealDash for getting back into the auctions if you have taken the weekend off for the holidays.

Buy DealDash Bids

If you’ve taken some time off from DealDash because you were busy with Memorial Day holiday preparations, you probably need to buy more bids. Well, today is an excellent day to buy bids. Today only, bids are for sale on DealDash for only 12 cents!!! This is the absolute lowest price that bids go, so it is an excellent time to stock up on bids for the upcoming days, weeks, or even months depending on how many auctions that you plan on entering in the near future. You need to purchase your bids soon, though, because on days that bids are priced so cheaply they tend to sell out by the end of the night. Click here to go to DealDash to buy .12 bids.

FREE Auction Wins Today

Today you can take advantage of free auction wins. Any auction that starts today will have a final auction price of .01 (for payment processing), no matter how high the auction price goes – even if it goes to hundreds of dollars, you will just pay .01 if you are the winner. This is good for all auctions that start today, even if the auction lasts through the night and into tomorrow. As long as you start bidding on an auction with the price crossed out and the words “Free” it will be .01 no matter when it ends. Free auction wins are great because you know exactly how many bids to load up your BidBuddy with, you don’t have to worry about calculating the final auction fee.

50 Auctions Will Start at 6PM EST

I hope that you have time to drop what you’re doing right now – because there will be 50 auctions starting at the same time at 6PM EST. Head on over and take advantage of this great promotion.

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I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article on Memorial Day sales helpful. DealDash has some great holiday promotions going on. Now go win some great auctions on DealDash! Visit DealDash now to see what’s up for bid. DealDash has everything you need. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about DealDash! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

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DealDash Tips to Win Grills

Kingsford Barrel BBQ Grill

As we head into Spring it will soon be time to cook out on the grill. Here are some tips to win grills from DealDash.

Grilling outdoors in the Spring, Summer, and Fall is a wonderful (and delicious) family activity. Would you rather have a dried out steak that’s been under the broiler or a wonderful juicy steak straight from the grill? There’s just no comparison! Do you know what makes grilled food taste even better? If you won your grill for an awesome price from DealDash. Here are some of our top tips for winning grills.

Choose Your Grill

Before doing any bidding on DealDash you’ll want to do your research and choose the best grill for your needs. There are quite a few different choice of grills on DealDash. Before you invest your time and your bids you should research which one is perfect for you. Some of the choices on DealDash include a barrel BBQ grill, a charcoal camper grill, and indoor grill, and more.

Pick the Best Auction

DealDash often offers the same item within days or weeks of each other. Once you have figured out exactly which grill that you would like to win then choose the day and time that suits your needs. Typically auctions that start very early in the morning or very late at night on weeknights tend to end at a lower price. However, you never know what’s going to happen in a DealDash auction! It’s completely up to the bidders – it could sell for one penny or for retail price, you never know!

Just BIN It if You Need it

If you are really in need of a new grill hopefully you will win. Sometimes no matter how much you need an item someone else wants it more, and you don’t win the auction. Losing an auction isn’t the end of the world because DealDash offers the BIN option. You can always BIN (Buy It Now), and pay retail price for the item and receive all of your bids back. Not only will you receive your item, all of your bids back, and get to keep the clock time that you accrued while bidding, you will also receive free shipping. When we are talking about a large item such as a grill, you will actually save yourself some trouble by BINning it from DealDash. This way you won’t have to go to the store to pick it up. The UPS man will bring it right to your doorstep!

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Now that you have grilling on your mind be sure to go check DealDash for grills, grill covers, utensils, and more. DealDash has all of the items that you need. VisitDealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Omaha Steaks® Master Grill Pack

This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.


Choosing the Right BBQ On DealDash

This spring season is a good time to acquire your brand-new BBQ from DealDash. You will have the ability to obtain some great deals on-line as well as available. Below are my leading pointers to think about to find the excellent BBQ for you on the DealDash website.


BBQ size matters! Consider just how much space you have in your yard, backyard or garage. The last thing you wish to do is return residence with a BARBEQUE that swamps the area at the rear of your residence or apartment or condo. If you could manage a larger BARBEQUE, as well as you desire it to be ‘parked’ outside, make certain that you get an ideal cover for your BBQ to make sure that it does not take excessive of a slamming from the aspects! Check out DealDash and you can find all the different types of BBQs you can imagine for your home.

Think of easy storage space as well as mobility. If you are trying to find a bigger BBQ for entertaining as well as for cooking up big BBQ banquets, make sure you could quickly relocate the BBQ around. I have seen a lot of BARBEQUE’s on the marketplace with little wheels that most definitely wont move the heavy BBQ. At finest I have actually seen buddies battling to ‘wheel’ their BBQ back to the garage in a manner that appears like dragging, taking fifty percent of the yard with them in the process! Make certain you opt for a BBQ from DealDash that that you can manage without help unless you got someone else to help you.

How much cooking space do you require? There are a lot of various BBQ’s on the marketplace with different food preparation options. You could get 1 to 6 gas burners on gas BBQ’s (in some cases a lot more), and medium to large grills from DealDash for coal BARBEQUE’s. You can even occasionally discover gas BARBEQUE combo’s at DealDash is you pay attention. Each with separate burner on the side for formulating your pot stews, rice and various other warm sides. Ensure you consider exactly what you require rather than just what you believe you will utilize as you could be tossing great cash away on an option that you are not visiting utilize. I personally like to go with a huge grill charcoal BBQ so that I could cook up a storm, and also if there are any other sides to prepare, I do not mind placing those bonus on the stove in the kitchen area. I seldom have to use the kitchen area nevertheless as I will certainly throw virtually anything on the bbq!

Think of longevity. Although you could assume that opting for a tiny, inexpensive kettle BARBEQUE from some store is a good idea for cost effectiveness in the short term, they will normally not last for more than a couple of years, and the frame and also components rust very quickly. Try to find an option on DealDash that offers you the space for cooking that you require, coupled with a solid structure that will last well and supply you for numerous satisfied BARBEQUE years. The BBQs you’ll find on DealDash are all top rated and offered at tremendous discounts.

Design demands. Take into consideration whether you desire added room as well as shelving for storing cooked and also uncooked foods whilst you prepare your banquet. I constantly think it is a great idea to have at the very least two standard surfaces on your BBQ to place food, BBQ devices and also plates, dressings, and so on. Otherwise you will possibly wind up needing an extra food cart at an added cost anyhow!


Really try to find the best BBQ this spring. It is usually the best time of year to acquire the ideal BARBEQUE. You can always count on DealDash having the best deals and all the tools needed as well as other outdoor furniture to use when enjoying your new BBQ.  So head to the DealDash site now and pick yourself up a new BBQ.