DealDash Tips to Outsmart Bidders

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Being tricky is part of the DealDash game! Here are some ideas to outsmart the competition. Let DealDash Tips help you be trickier than the other bidders.

Have you been paying attention while bidding on DealDash? The bidders who are sly and tricky tend to win more auctions than those bidders who just put their bids in and walk away. Are using mind games on DealDash fair to the other bidders? Of course they are! You can be as tricky as you like as long as you follow the basic House Rules that you are encouraged to read when you join DealDash.

Bid How You Like

All of the bidders that participate on DealDash are encouraged to play and bid exactly as they see fit, and DealDash loves winners. That’s the great thing about DealDash – you can do it “your way” as long as you follow the (few) Hose Rules rules. You should definitely read and memorize the rules, though, you wouldn’t want to put your DealDash account in jeopardy for not following the rules.

Change Up Your Strategy

Outsmarting other bidders on DealDash can be difficult because there are so many different people who participate in DealDash auctions every single day. However, one of the best ways to outsmart your competition is to change up your bidding strategy.

If you’re a bidder who normally only puts in 10 bids in hopes that you will win…Then go “all the way” and BIN (Buy It Now) the next auction! If you’re the sort of person who always goes to the BIN price every time (because that makes good financial sense) then every so often be sure to only throw in 10 or 15 bids. If you are in an auction with people who recognize that you’re a BINner they might drop out early and you’ll be the winner.

Come and Go

Another great way to outsmart other bidders is to enter and leave the auction multiple times. Pop in, pop out, wait a bit, pop back in. It will confuse people! This strategy can backfire, though, if the auction ends suddenly before you are able to pop back in, so use caution if you try this tip.


These are just a couple of tips that you can use to try to outsmart bidders on DealDash. I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. Be sure to come back here to DealDash Tips every day for fresh new blogs as well as our sister blog DealDash has everything that you need for your home as well as great gift items. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!!

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