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The trouble with this weather is that it’s very hard to keep the kids occupied. Here are some tips from DealDash how to keep your kids entertained while stuck inside.

It is very important that you encourage your children to get creative and “think outside of the box” when it comes to keeping themselves entertained. DealDash wants to help your kids use their imaginations so they can learn to keep themselves occupied without the use of TV, iPads, and computers. Not that there’s anything wrong with some screen time every day, but there should be a lot of “imagination time” as well. Here are some tips from DealDash to get your kids (or grandkids) interested in entertaining themselves.

Dress Up

Both boys and girls love to play dress up, normally the girls enjoy dressing as their favorite Disney princesses and boys like to be tiny pirates or firemen. Here’s a tip – save their Halloween costumes! Most Halloween costumes are meant to be worn over clothing anyway, and tend to run very big. My daughter is still able to wear her Minne Mouse and Cinderella dresses from 2 and 3 years ago when she plays dress up.

Pretend Food and Kitchen

Most kids also enjoy playing with pretend plastic food. It’s a little surprising to me, but the $10 set of pretend plastic food that I bought for our playroom a few years ago still gets played with at least 5 times a week! Since the pretend food was such a hit I ended up getting a whole kitchen set, tea set, pots and pans, and appliances for the kids to play with. This type of play is excellent for their imaginations, and it’s very funny to see what kind of “meals” they end up making. Banana-tomato-pickle smoothie, anyone?

Cash Register and Store




Another thing that sees a lot of use in our playroom is the cash register set. We actually have had to replace the original cash register because it got so much use! The kids love to make a pretend store with some of the toys from the playroom and they take turns being the cashier and the customer. This is also a great activity to learn the value of different coins, and do simple addition and subtraction.

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