DealDash Tips to Conserve Bids

The fewer bids you use to win a DealDash auction, the fewer bids you will have to buy. Therefore, it makes sense to conserve as many bids as possible.

Here is one way to conserve your bids:

After you place your first bid in the auction so you don’t get locked out, just wait and watch. Save the rest of your bids until the auction gets down to the last two players.

Let’s say that it appears you are one of the last three bidders, but you do not know if any other bidders are just “waiting in the wings” before joining the “final fight for the win.” What if other players are simply waiting for you or the other two players to run out of bids?

You can do a test to find out. It is a little risky, but it might be worth the risk. Here’s what you can do.

Cancel your bids. That’s right. I know one of the other two players could win the auction when you leave, but the last two players usually fight it out for a while and this is just a temporary little test. If no other players jump into the auction, you can put your bids back in and continue to play. On the other hand, if any other players are just waiting for you to run out of bids or quit, they will be sure to jump into the auction soon after you leave.

That puts you in the driver’s seat. Now you will be able to save your bids while you watch and wait for the other players to run out of bids. When the auction gets down to only two players again, that’s when you can jump back in and fight for the win.