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Going into an auction your plan is to beat everyone, correct? Here are some helpful tips from DealDash to accomplish your mission.

No one goes into an auction thinking that they are going to lose. They know that the odds are stacked against them, but they have hope that they will be the winner. There are some things that you should (and should not do) when you are participating in an auction to help your chances of winning. Follow these simple and easy tips and tricks from DealDash Tips to take your winning up a notch!

Be Prepared

Make sure that you are always prepared when you enter into an auction. Do your research, purchase your bids, and take a peek at your competition. It’s a smart idea to just place one bid in the very beginning so you can see who is participating in the auction and ensuring that you aren’t locked out of bidding. I don’t suggest that you “jump in” at $4.99 when the auction is just about to be locked, that’s just rude. However, I do advise that you let the auction play out for at least a dollar or so just so you can have a good idea who is going to be participating in the auction with you.

Take Your Bidding Seriously

Yes, take your bidding seriously. Don’t try to do a lot of multitasking when you’re bidding in a DealDash auction. If you’re trying to make dinner, help the kids with homework, chat on the phone, and bid then it’s not going to go well. You should be paying close attention when you’re playing on DealDash. Of course, you can turn on the BidBuddy and walk away to do things. However, I personally sit and watch the auction even with BidBuddy doing the work for me, especially if it’s an item that is important to me.

Be Sneaky

That’s right – sneak up on a win! Do a little bidding, then sit out for a bit. Jump back in, jump back out. It confuses people, and you might just sneak up on a win! Give it a try. Be careful that you don’t forget to jump back in, though, it’s happened to me. I get distracted easily and have completely forgotten to check back in on auctions, sometimes. See the tip above – take your bidding seriously for more wins.

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