DealDash Tips That Make You Go “Huumm…”


There have been many tips given away over the years here on the DealDash Tips Blog. Here are some of the stranger ones.

The DealDash Tips Blog has been here to give you tips to help you win DealDash auctions. Some of the tips have been common sense, and some of the other tips have been a little “out there”. But remember, Even if a tip sounds a little weird it can still get results. Never be afraid to try something on DealDash, because there are so many different strategies and ways to bid. Read on for more information.

Only Bid During Free or Half-Price Days

DealDash often runs Free or Half-Price auction days. These days happen fairly often, usually once a week or so. During these days you can get excellent deals since you don’t have to worry about paying a final bidding fee or just paying half. This means that you can spend more bids during the auction, giving you a higher chance to win.

Bidding MORE Than the Item Costs

You might have seen some items go for more than the item costs. This is a common occurrence when DealDash offers its 3X, 4X, or even 5X Time As The Highest Bidder (TATHB) promotion. During this promotion, it’s quite common to see a $50 gift card to sell for $55 or even $60. When I was a new bidder I didn’t understand this phenomenon at all, but I have since gained an understanding.

The reason this occurs is that bidders want to rack up TATHB on their bidding meter in order to get free bids from DealDash. Remember, only the person who puts in the LAST bid will pay the price of the auction that’s shown on the screen, all of the other bidders can BIN (Buy It Now) and get their money back. They also get free shipping and to keep the clock time that they earned towards free bids. So basically, in this situation, the “winner” is not the person who won the auction, but the person who earned the most TATHB and was able to NOT win the auction, but to BIN the item for its face value.

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