DealDash Tips for Stocking Stuffers


Christmas is rapidly approaching, and DealDash Tips would like to help you find the perfect stocking stuffers for your family.

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for your family can be tricky. DealDash is here to help. I personally love to have a stocking, and to fill other’s stockings. You might be surprised to hear that in some families the stockings are just for decoration! My husband was quite surprised when I told him that he was responsible for filling my stocking – he didn’t realize that they were for anything but decoration. I was shocked, and made sure that his stocking has been filled with great things ever since.

“What are some great things to fill a stocking with?” you might ask. It all depends on age, of course, let me break it down for you.



Babies don’t need anything, really, but I think that it would be very nice to put at least a few things in their stocking so they have something to do while everyone else is opening their stockings. If your baby is old enough to be able to sit, they are probably able to have some of the commercially prepared baby snacks such as yogurt drops, veggie drops, or the Mum-Mum rice husk snacks. Those will keep them busy while the older kids are doing their stockings. If you would like to add a little something extra into the baby’s stocking, how about one of those adorable tiny blankets with the stuffed animal head? DealDash has those, and they tend to go for very reasonable final auction fees.

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Little kids:

Little kids are definitely the most fun to shop for to fill their stockings. Coloring books, crayons, small puzzles, candy, and small Lego sets are good for both genders. For little girls I would also include perhaps a Barbie doll, small stuffed animal, and maybe some fun character-branded lip balm. For little boys I would definitely include some Hot Wheels cars, and maybe some small dinosaur, train, or robot figures.

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Big kids/Teens:

Big kids and teens aren’t quite as fun as little kids to shop for, but there are still lots of nice items that you can include in their stockings. For both genders I would include shampoo/conditioner, razors, perfume/cologne, candy, and maybe an iTunes, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble gift card. Make up and nail polish is usually a hit with bigger girls and teens, and for the boys I would suggest maybe a Swiss Army-style knife, or maybe a watch.



There’s not a whole lot of difference between what you would put in an adult’s stocking and a teen’s stocking, but I would add perhaps some higher valued items such as earrings, a necklace, or other jewelry for a woman, and maybe a nice wallet or tie for a man.

I hope that you have found this stocking stuffer suggestions article helpful. Most of the items that I mentioned above, from toys and ties to gift cards and jewelry can be found up for auction at DealDash. Check DealDash for the best stocking stuffers. Visit DealDash today. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!