DealDash Tips for Decorating – Living Room

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The new year is coming up quickly, how about a change? Here are some tips from DealDash to re-decorate your living room.

If you have a home, you most likely have a living room that gets used fairly frequently. If the living room is where you and your family spend the most time, don’t you want it to reflect your tastes and be a fun place to hang out? Instead of making a new year’s resolution that you have a hard time keeping, why not pledge to do something more fun like re-decorating your living room with some new personal touches and a little help from DealDash?

Are you happy with your living room and just want to freshen it up a little? Why not add a new piece of art to the room? You could get a small sculpture, an indoor fountain, or even a new painting. Why choose? You could get all three if you like, and it would completely make the room into a whole new place! However, if you only want to add one small touch, pick whichever suits the space that you have available. DealDash has many decorative art pieces available for auction. Go check DealDash now and see if you can find an item that suits your tastes.

If you would like a larger change than just adding an item, you could re-paint the walls to make everything look very different. If you can’t imagine having all four walls painted a fun color, why not try an accent wall? If 3 of your walls are white, why not try a fun blue, green, or yellow wall for a nice pop of color? Lowe’s has good prices on paint, and can actually match a particular color if you bring it in, if you would like the accent wall to match the color of your couch or rug. DealDash has Lowe’s gift cards up for auction every week. Go visit DealDash now to get a great deal on a gift card to Lowe’s to purchase paint.

Do you need more storage in your living room, maybe for Blu-Ray DVDs, books, or video games? If you have a spare corner in your living room, and need some storage you should definitely check out DealDash. DealDash has bookshelves, video game storage, a bench with storage baskets underneath, or even decorative storage cubes or ottomans. These are great accents to spice up your living room without spending too much money on re-decoration. Go see all of the great storage options that DealDash has available now.

If you’re ready to do a little redecorating in your living room, be sure to see what DealDash has to offer. DealDash has gift cards, art pieces and paintings, and storage. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!Image result for redecorate