DealDash Tips for Being a Present Bidder

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Staying present and alert when you are bidding on DealDash is a must. But what about when you get distracted? Here are some tips for staying present.

Bidding on DealDash is fun and exciting, but even the best of us get distracted sometimes. Between the kids yelling, the dogs barking, the food on the stove burning, and the doorbell ringing it’s a busy world and distraction is inevitable. Luckily, with a little concentration and some help from DealDash you can stay involved and stay present in the auctions.

Keep an Eye on Your BidBuddy

The BidBuddy is the best way to win in any DealDash auction. However, loading up the BidBuddy and walking away doesn’t gurantee you a win. You can always load up the BidBuddy to the BIN (Buy It Now) price and leave it up to chance if you win or lose. Or, you can keep an eye on your BidBuddy and keep adding and removing bids as you see fit. It’s a bit of a gamble, of course, but it’s a good way to save bids as well as staying alert.

Don’t Get Into too Many Auctions at Once

It’s not a great idea to get into too many auctions at once. It’s very hard to keep an eye on more than a few auctions at a time, and it’s easy to lose if you aren’t paying attention. If you must get into more than a few auctions at once you should definitely use your computer to your advantage. Each auction that you are bidding in, be sure to open up a new tab on your computer. That way you can switch back and forth quickly to check your auctions. The very act of switching your tabs back and forth can keep you alert as well.

If You Can’t Be Present at Least Save Money

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention and ended up losing a few auctions. Now you don’t have any bids left, oh no! Well, there’s an easy way to get those bids back. Just BIN those auctions! Binning is a way to get the item you’ve been bidding on and get your bids back as well as free shipping on the item. Not only all of those great things, but you even get to keep all of that time that you earned on your bid meter being the highest bidder.

I hope that you found this new DealDash Tips article on staying present and paying attention helpful. If you are shopping for a home item, kid’s toy, or kitchen gadget check DealDash first. DealDash has it all! Visit DealDash now. DealDash wants to make your bidding expierence great. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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