DealDash Tips: Are you a creature of habit?

Are you a creature of habit?  In other words, do you get in the habit of doing things the same old way over and over again without ever making any changes?

Perhaps, being a creature of habit might give you a sense of security in everyday life, but when it comes to winning auctions on DealDash, it might not work so well. To improve your chances of winning, you might have to change the way you are doing things and be willing to try something different.


When you place bids in an auction, do you always place the same number of bids? Most people tend to place an even number of bids, such as 10, 50, 100, 150 or 200. However, if everybody did that, you might be lost in the crowd. How about changing it up a bit and place an odd number of bids?  Perhaps placing 11, 53, 101, 157 or 207, you might improve your chances of getting the last bid to win the auction.

You might also get some good ideas by watching other successful players. If you go to the winners list, for instance, you will see some of the same screen names appear more often than others. If you open up various auctions and watch a few successful players, you might be able to follow their example to get a few more wins of your own.

Submitted by:  Barbara L. Sellers, Tacoma, Washington