DealDash Tips: 4 Secrets of a Successful Bidder!

There are a few things that all successful bidders have in common and there are a lot of them in the field, so pay attention! Here are four of my favorite strategies for successful bidding.  First, let me qualify myself, I have won over 170 auctions at DealDash, and I have tried other sites, but none are as fun or easy to win with.
1. Load up on Bids! The only way to win is to be in the auction.  So now that you have decided what you want,  don’t be stingy with your bids.  Get into the auction early and claim dominance by remaining steadfast.  Don’t try to intimidate others by over bidding, but be a strong proponent of the Bid Buddy.
2. Be patient! You can’t just come into the auction and start riffling off bids, that’s the sign of a true beginner… or someone who’s going to be out of bids very quickly.    When you arrive at the site do some research.  Go to the Winners List and see who’s playing on the right side of your screen. Check the amounts of the recently sold items, this will give you a sense of how many bids players are using to win.
3. Maximize your free bids!  DealDash gives every player free bids for every moment they spend playing.  The longer you play the more bids you accumulate for free.  To maximize this advantage, pay attention to the DealDash Facebook site for times they multiply the numbers of free bids by 2x, 3x and 4x.  I have even seen a 5 times the free bids during a special event.  These free bids can be your ticket to a great win as you were awarded them for free.  Keep them safe until you need to pounce when an auction is winding down, you can’t know for sure when an auction will end, but you can get a sense for when it might, that comes with experience.
4. To thine own self be true! Do not get caught up in a frantic match with some newbie over a $120 item, (or any item for that matter) you know better than that!  That type of bidding just drives up the final price and wastes bids.  If there is someone playing unfairly, it’s better to walk away with your bids than to bid recklessly.  Even if they jumped in after you have placed 100 or more bids, you don’t want that to turn into 1000 bids just to prove a point.  To be true to yourself, decide if you really want this item, or do you want to win.  Emotional bidding is never a good idea.
What ever you do to win at DealDash the most important strategies are these: load up on bids, be patient, maximize your free bids, be true to your desired items.  Remember that DealDash is a great way to get deals by winning, but it is also a great place to shop for everyday items.  If you don’t win use the Buy It Now option, you get what you want, you get all your bids used back and your item is always shipped for free!
Happy Bidding!
Written by Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.