DealDash Experience: Eric uses DealDash to get items related to his Culinary Arts career!

Phone interview with Eric White, customer since April 2015

How did you learn about DealDash?
My fiancee joined about the same time, after watching a commercial on TV. We both joined, and have been pretty active since then.
What do you like about DealDash?
It’s a lot about fun and entertainment. Of course the deals are there, and it’s always nice to win and save money. The fun, strategy and thinking involved is what makes it addicting!
What has your experience been like with our Customer Support team?
Extremely positive, you guys have been great. I had a couple of packages mislabeled and sent to the wrong address, but we ended up receiving everything we paid for and you guys have been very helpful. I only have good things to say about DealDash Customer Support.
Any item requests?
I’m kind of gearing more towards a lot of the kitchen stuff. I also like to see electronics such as small gadgets. It’s always nice to see something new that hasn’t been up for auction before.
What’s the best item you’ve won on DealDash?
Well, there’s been a couple of them. We won a Deep Fryer recently which we use all the time. I love cooking. I studied culinary arts at school, and now work as a Restaurant Manager, so I’m very particular about the stuff I have in my kitchen. I also won a Ceramic Knife which I was excited about that was a nice item!
Have you tried our Mobile Apps?
Yeah! My fiancee bids from her computer and uses her iPad sometimes. I use my iPhone to bid, since I can have it always with me. I sometimes even bid when I have some free time at work!

Eric and his fiancee have only been on DealDash since April 2015!
Eric and his fiancee have only been on DealDash since April 2015!