Daily DealDash Habits

Have you established some good daily shopping habits on DealDash.com? What do I mean and why is this important?

Free Rewards

It pays in more ways than one to establish good daily shopping habits.

First, by logging on to DealDash every day, we earn from two to 15 free bids per day. However, we must make sure we always log in at about the same time every day so we do not miss the 24-hour window.

When we first start opening DealDash on a daily basis, the number of free bids we earn increases each day until it reaches a maximum of 15 free bids. It will then remain at 15 free bids every day unless we miss logging in within that 24-hour window. Then it will start all over again.

I have such a crazy schedule, I might shop at midnight one day, at 8 a.m. another day or at 6 p.m. another day.  This is not a good idea. By not establishing better DealDash habits, I often miss that 24-hour window and lose the maximum number of daily free bids. The best way to solve this problem is to figure out the best time each day to shop on DealDash and then stick with it.  Perhaps a good time to log on to DealDash every day is while drinking our first cup of coffee every morning. Then if we see an auction that catches our eye, we can purchase our bids and plan a good shopping strategy.

New Auction Products

Second, by logging into DealDash at the same time every day, we will not miss out on our chance to see and bid on the latest new products. It appears to me that the first winner of new auctions often ends up winning it for less money than later auctions. Perhaps that is what happens when a hand full of customers manages to be “first in line.”

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