Craftsman Gets the Job Done Right

The Craftsman 23 piece screwdriver set is perfect for getting a ton of jobs done.

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The clear handles Craftsman 23 piece screwdriver set puts the right tool at your fingertips. Whether the job calls for a Phillips or a slotted tip, the set contains everything you need. Even more obscure tips like Torx are included in this handy set by Craftsman.
Craftsman quite possibly holds the best name of any tools in the world. Craftsman is known for its high-quality and is built for maximum strength and durability. The satin nickel finish looks great and says to people that you’re a serious mechanic that doesn’t play games when turning wrenches.
The clear butyrate handles are all color coded, you can quickly glance over and grab either a Phillips with clear handle, or a slotted with a red-stripe in the handle. There’s no need to waste time digging through a box of messy tools. Now you’ll know be able to easily find the right screwdriver and stay focused on the task at hand to get the job done right.
The set contains 9 slotted tips, 7 Phillips tips and 6 Torx screwdrivers. The tips are designed to provide the best fit and provide excellent screw holding. The Butyrate handles are designed for maximum grip and made for high strength and chemical resistance. There are heat treated blades as well so you know they’ll hold up to all your work.
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