Get Your Kitchen Re-Done at DealDash!

If you are in the market for a small appliance make over, it’s time to go shopping at DealDash!!  I have won so many small appliances at DealDash that my friends are now putting in request!

The small appliances I am talking about are coffee pots, tea kettles, bread makers, microwave ovens, convection ovens, counter top dishwashers, irons, blenders, can openers, mixers, slow cookers and you can even get a washing machine for your clothes!!

One great thing about the small appliance “scene” is that they are easy to win most of the time.  I will admit I have tried to win the counter top dishwasher with no luck.  I didn’t plan on Binning, just winning so I let the bids go, but one of these days I will win or BIN.  (Buy It Now) One of the best features at DealDash is that you can purchase any item and get all the bids back you use trying to win it.

Once you start trying to win appliances you won’t stop.   They are easy to win an d if you can win it during a Free event at DealDash you will never pay a penny for your small appliances.  That is the best you can hope for.  In actuality, if you win 50% of the small appliances you enter, you are doing very well.  On average I believe most players will win about 1 in 10 auctions.  That is if they don’t over bid or BIN everything.  You are surely welcome to BIN every item, but the pleasure of DealDash is that you can win for a few bids and a couple of dollars.

Surely, you can win a few appliances for this amount of money, but you should be prepared to BIN every item under $200.  It’s a “no brainer”, if you really need this item or it is a gift you must have it, so you’ve done your shopping and have found the perfect item.  You want to win it, but don’t overbid, BIN instead.  It took me months to realize this was the best policy to winning.  I learned after reaching BIN and continuing to try to win.  If I did’t win right away, I would fight and fight, until I finally won.  Then I realized I was wasting money by insisting on a win, if I had just purchased it, I could have had all my bids back to go for a different item.  Winning at all costs is just silly!!! (code for stupid).

Let’s face it folks, if you can’t win a toaster at DealDash for less than 100 bids, you are making some classic mistakes bidding, here are what I suggest might be wrong.

  1. You are overbidding, you have a must win attitude and can’t lose.
  2. You won’t back out, this is a simple test of will, just back out!
  3. You don’t know your competition, they can be brutal, know them
  4. You have way too many bids, I call this “bid crazy” when you are bid crazy you tend to overbid on items you would normally bid very conservatively. and then it’s compounded by # 2. and #3.
  5. You refuse to wait for the next one.  Foolish behavior! Any item you try to win today has a “Alert Me” tab in the auction.  Select that and Deal Dash will alert you when the item is coming on the market.

These are a few of the reason you may not be winning a low ticket item.  It’s not rocket science folks!  You can win a low ticket item with just a few bids!  Don’t get bid crazy, just because you’re sitting on a pile of bids doesn’t mean you should go hog wild!

You can win any one of these items with just a few bids and a few dollars at DealDash as long as you play by a few simple guidelines.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!