Collect Fast Food Gift Cards for Big Savings!

Did you know that in addition to all the great items on DealDash you could bid and win gift cards to all of your favorite fast food restaurants?
Popular gift cards that are often for sale on DealDash include $10-25 Pizza Hut gift cards.
pizza hut
$10-25 Subway gift cards! Save money the nice time you order that Veggie Delite sub, Italian BMT, Steak & Cheese and more!subway gift card
arbysFresh roast beef sandwiches with special sauce? DealDash often offers deals on Arby’s fast food gift cards too!
Love donuts & coffee in the morning or any time of day? Bid to win a Dunkin Donuts gift card.
Dunkin Donuts
ihopLove breakfast? You can eat berry topped pancakes or strawberry/cream stuffed waffles any time of day, 24 hours a day at an IHOP restaurant! Just bid to win gift cards on DealDash and save money on dining!
A great place to chat with friends, get work done on your laptop or just enjoy a bowl of hot soup, a panini or a salad. Enjoy their bagels and coffee in the morning or baguette and fresh butter to go! Now you can save money on Panera Bread with these great deals on gift card auctions on DealDash!panera sonicIf you’ve been to a Sonic drive-in you know how good their french fries, shakes, cones and slushies are! Bid to win deals on Sonic gift cards!
The great thing about these gift card items on DealDash is that there is no win limit on the fast food gift cards. So you could bid to win one, and once you win one and start to understand the bidding process you can bid on more gift cards and stock up! Soon you could have more than one gift card to a number of fast food restaurants. This is great for when you’re traveling or on the go too, save money on food and decrease your grocery bills when you’re eating out. A lot of fast food restaurants are starting to add healthier choices