Celebrating Easter

It’s difficult to believe Easter will soon be here and DealDash.com knows just how to celebrate. 

Did you see the beautiful new Easter bid packs?  They come in bid packs of 194, 382, 631, 800, 1234 and 7633. All shoppers have the opportunity to win each bid pack one time only.

DealDash shoppers can shop for products we could include in our Easter baskets. Some auction items we could put in an adult’s Easter basket are: cosmetics, perfumes, gift cards, or watches. 

Did you ever wonder where the idea of creating Easter baskets comes from in the first place? Let’s take a look at some common Easter traditions.

Easter Traditions

Easter traditions include sunrise services or late-night vigils, women wearing Easter bonnets, family gatherings, Easter parades, coloring Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and filling Easter baskets for young children and adults alike. No one is ever too old to receive an Easter basket. In fact, I once bought a big  white clothes basket, attached a handle made out of bamboo with a ribbon on it and filled it with fake grass and Easter candy. Then I secretly put it on my friend’s front porch, rang the door bell and quickly ran away. My friend was so surprised to see the giant Easter basket and loved getting a much-needed clothes basket in such a fun way.

Another fun Easter tradition for some families is to help children plant a “Jelly Bean Garden.” The night before Easter give the children a handful of jellybeans and have them plant them in the dirt outside. While the children are sleeping, secretly replace the jellybeans with a lollipop. When the children see the magical lollipop treat their eyes grow wide with delight.

Some towns celebrate by holding a community “Egg Rolling Event.” This usually takes place on Easter Monday. Children roll decorated hard-boiled eggs down a hill. The owner of the egg that goes the farthest without breaking is the winner.

The tradition of Easter baskets dates back to around the 13th or 14th century. However, the tradition of Easter baskets and the Easter bunny were brought to America in the 18th century by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. They also introduced the idea of eggs delivered by a rabbit. Children were told to prepare nests for the bunny to leave brightly colored Easter eggs. The basket was lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood (the typical Easter evergreen).

After Roman Catholics fasted during Lent, Easter morning became a “breakfast of Joy.” They no longer had to abstain from particular foods on Easter morning, and this became a celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Therefore, when Easter arrived, large baskets were filled with food and brought to churches to blessed by religious leaders. The blessing of the Easter Basket containing the first meal of Easter has been a Catholic ritual for centuries among families of Eastern European origin. 

The bottom line

Regardless of  how we do or do not celebrate Easter, shopping on DealDash during the Easter holiday season is sure to be filled with lots of opportunities to have fun and win awesome deals.

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