Black Friday Warm Up At DealDash!

It’s here! Black Friday week!   If you are still Holiday shopping  this is the perfect time to get in your last minute DealDashing.  Remember to stay focused on the prize, if you are bidding for gifts you can stay more neutral with bidding because you know, if you don’t win it, you will buy it.  It’s a gift, you need it, you might win it but you can BIN (Buy It Now) it and get your used bids back.
You might ask what’s the big deal? But what everyone is celebrating at DealDash is amazing sales and opportunity.  This week at DD there is my favorite kind of sale….lot’s of free bids! That’s right, free bids! This is where the “opportunity” comes into play.  For every bid you place you will earn more free bids than any other day at DD.  Every so often at DealDash you can earn, 2 times, 3x, and 4x the free bids.  But during Black Friday Week you will earn that- plus! From November 23-26 you will earn 3x, 4x, 5x the bids.  and bid prices will go as low as .12 cents!
So the best thing to do is get out your list, load up on low priced bids, surf the DD site and check off your favorite item for each person. When you play smart, you can win free bids more than once this week or depending on your level even more.  I urge you to stay away from over bidders, they will eat your stash!!  You don’t  want some bully to do that, so stay away from the bullies.  You may say they win too much this way, and they do win, but they can’t win them all, just like you and me, so if they are over determined they will meet their match every time.  That’s not a good thing because they are spending a fortune on bids and that defeats the outcome of getting good deals.
It’s time to get down to the business of shopping and DealDash is really stepping up the game for us all.  Happy Black Friday Week, may the bids be with you!  haha.
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDashed since 2014.