Biggest Shopping Mistake

What is the biggest shopping mistake you can make on 

I’m very surprised at how many new shoppers simply start bidding before they have any idea what they are doing. The biggest shopping mistake any new player can make is to not first read the instructions on how to use the site.

Make DealDash even more enjoyable by learning how to correctly use it.

DealDash has made it extremely easy for everyone to do that.  All we have to do is scroll down from the home page. At the bottom of the home page, we will see in bold letters the word “Help.” Under “Help” we will see the following:

  • How to Bid in an Auction
  • Tutorial Auction
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Frequently Asked Questions etc.

We will see even more information below these four items, but these are the main ones that every new shopper should take the time to check out before placing (and wasting) any bids. If you do not first read how this shopping site works, I can almost guarantee you will needlessly waste your bids.

Whenever I see a new DealDash shopper placing (and wasting) bids every other one, I feel like shouting at them, “Stop wasting your bids! First read the instructions and learn how to shop wisely!”

Think back. When we first started driving a vehicle, did we immediately get behind the wheel and just go? No, of course not!  What did we do first?  That’s right. We studied a Driver’s Manual and learned the rules of the road. That’s the same thing we need to do when it comes to shopping on

First, we must learn the rules on how to play, and the information is all there in plain sight for you – easy to find and easy to read. I was amazed when I saw that DealDash even made a tutorial for new players. It cannot get simpler than that.

DealDash is the most successful and longest-running penny auction site for a reason. That’s because this shopping site provides:

  1. Outstanding Customer Service
  2. Fun and Entertainment
  3. A Wide Variety of High-Quality Products
  4. Outstanding Bargains
  5. Bid Packs That Frequently Go on Sale and
  6. Plenty of Opportunities to Win Free Bids

Every smart business knows it’s very important to keep its customers happy, and from the very beginning, DealDash has always put an extremely high emphasis on providing outstanding customer service. DealDash customer service representatives respond more quickly to my questions than any other business I have ever before dealt with. I’m amazed at how quickly I always received a response. 

The bottom line

Are you bidding but have no idea what you are doing?  Hint: If you are not using the automated bidder, BidBuddy, that means you do not yet know how works.

It’s always a good idea to first watch the videos and read some blogs explaining how to shop wisely because it will greatly improve your opportunity to win.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.