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Ever feel tempted to buy those items you see on late night TV infomercials? Not sure about the multiple installment plans and don’t want to get sucked into buying something just because you’re up late and bored? Well, while some of those As Seen on TV items may seem silly, some are actually really intelligent and useful items. Did you know that you can buy As Seen on TV items for much less than the seen on TV prices? You can bid on a number of As Seen on TV items at Take a look at our favorites coming up soon!
tv nuwave blenderAs Seen on TV NuWave Party Mixer Blender
This NuWave party blender is jam packed with 400-watts of power to help you make quick and easy frosty and frothy beverages for one of for many! This is a perfect blender for making drinks, smoothies, snow cones, lattes and more. You can even use it to whip up delicious party dips, desserts, salsa and more. Retails for around $44, bid on it in an upcoming auction and win for less.
my pillow tv
Having trouble finding the right pillow for a good night’s sleep? Check out this As Seen on TV My Pillow. It’s guaranteed to be the most comfortable pillow that you’ll ever own. It has a built-in cooling effect so you won’t spend the entire night tossing and turning or turning your pillow over. Patented technology with medical fill filling. Maximum support & comfort. Plus, this pillow is machine washable. The My Pillow retails for $59.88, but it could be yours for less if you bid and win in an upcoming auction for this pillow on
As Seen on TV – NutriBullet Blue Blender.
How would you like to be able to create delicious snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner all from a portable blender? You can whip up low calorie desserts, muffins, sauces, salad dressings, drinks, desserts and more! Retails for $89.99 win it for less in an upcoming auction on DealDash!
TV belly burnerLooking to lose stubborn belly fat? While you need to pay attention to your diet, this As Seen On TV Belly burner is like a waist trainer that will help your tone your belly!
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