Back to College with DealDash!

As you might have noticed if you have been in any store lately, there are “Back to School” events going on everywhere! When most people think of back to school they are probably thinking of younger kids, but college kids need supplies, too. If you think about it, college kids might need even more supplies than younger children, because not only do they need regular supplies they will need dorm supplies as well.
If your child or grandchild is going off to college for the first time they are going to need a wide array of items just to make their dorm habitable, let alone comfy and cozy. DealDash is an excellent place to pick up dorm supplies for your child, let’s look at some of the best options that I have hand selected from DealDash auctions.
– Kitchen Supplies- Now, most students will probably be on a dining plan if they are living in a dorm, but it’s still a good idea to outfit them with a few basic supplies. Before you get any of these kitchen supplies make sure that they are allowed to be used in your child’s dorm. Some basics that I would suggest for the kitchen are plates, tupperware containers, a small microwave, and a microwave pressure cooker. There are many more options available in the Kitchen & Appliances section on DealDash.
– Storage Solutions- I realize for a lot of us dorm life was a long time ago, but I’m sure that you remember how small the rooms are, and how limited the space is for personal items. I love storage solutions of all kinds, and there are plenty to choose from on DealDash. The storage solutions that I have chosen to highlight in this article will make your life easier. The first selection is lightweight shelves. They are VERY easy to put together, and weigh practically nothing, they are easy to move around the room easily. The next selection is a rolling cart with shelves. There are so many things that you can do with this rolling cart, from storing your school supplies to storing your food! The possibilities are endless. The last selection is a set of “floating” bookshelves. These shelves are great. They attach to the wall so they don’t take up a single inch of valuable floor space in the dorm. If you need more storage solutions head on over to DealDash, there are plenty of options in the Home & Office section.
I hope this article has been helpful in giving you some ideas of what your dorm-bound college kid might need to start the year off right. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!