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Whenever we provide a product review we receive 10 free bids, and it’s really quick and easy to do. However, it’s important that we provide honest, fair and helpful reviews because that kind of feedback not only helps us but it helps DealDash know which products we like most.

Giving a DealDash product review helps DealDash..and it helps you too with 10 free bids!

First, we must provide a star rating for shipping, packaging, product quality and whether the product appears to be as described. When giving a star rating for each of these categories, some of the things we should look at are:

  • Shipping – How quickly did we receive the product? Did it arrive within a reasonable length of time from the day we won the product? If shipping was expected to be delayed, did DealDash notify us ahead of time? If a product had delayed shipping through no fault of the company perhaps they should not be marked down for it.
  • Packaging – Did the product arrive in good condition with no damage? Was adequate packing material used and did it arrive in a secure box or package?
  • Product Quality – Was the product made out of high-quality material? Was it as usable or functional as expected?
  • As Described – When we read the description of the product provided, did it accurately describe the product we received? Was it bigger or smaller than expected? For example, if we win a pair of shoes, boots, or sandals, were they too narrow, too wide or just the right size? Was the color of the product as described?

Once we provide a star rating for each of those categories, we are given the opportunity to write a comment about how we felt about the product we won. In other words this is where we can provide a reason for our high or low star rating. This is our opportunity to say what we liked or did not like about the product.

When I read various customers reviews, some of them are very well written and helpful, and some are not. Let me give you some examples of what good reviews look like compared to others that are not:

If a customer writes, “It is okay” that tells us nothing about the product. Lots of items are “okay” but we need to be more specific by writing what is “okay” about it. Is the product “okay” because it meets our needs but maybe we just don’t care for the color of the item that much. Then that’s what we should say.

If a customer writes, “This item runs small,” this is a little more helpful, but just how small might be more helpful. Is the item a full size or two full sizes too small or maybe just a half size smaller than expected?

One customer wrote about a bag that ran smaller than expected, and she gave a specific example by saying, “You could put a small tablet in it but I don’t think you could put a laptop in it.” Now that is an awesome review because it gives us a specific detail of just how much room is in the bag.

If a product is “better than expected,” tell us why you think it’s “better than expected.” Perhaps a bag came with an unexpected shoulder strap, or had more pockets or compartments than expected. 

Perhaps a good thing to keep in mind when writing a product review is to ask, “What exactly do I wish I knew about this product before I won it?” If it is “lovely,” what is so “lovely” about it?

DealDash listens to and responds to customer feedback, so the better feedback we give them, the better customer service they give us.

Happy shopping and I’m looking forward to reading more specific and awesome product reviews!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.