How to Avoid the Holiday Shopping Mayhem

Trampled on for TVs?
Fighting over a tickle-me-elmo?
Pulling clothing items off of manikins because they’re the last sale items left?
Crushed by crazy shoppers?
Brawling for bras?
Footage from this weekend’s Black Friday shopping festivities will make you if it’s safer to be an MMA fighter than a Black Friday shopper.  Who would think it would be this dangerous to go shopping on Black Friday! Well, watch this video:

Avoid the crowds and the drama by bidding on DealDash during the Cyber Monday Weekend promo going on now. Bids are $014 each  and deals on everything you could want from electric scooters for the kids, to KitchenAid mixers, Dyson vacuums for the big kids. Laptops, HDTVs, gift cards for Amazon, iPads and so much more!
How do I bid on DealDash?
Well DealDash is a different kind of penny auction. You purchase bids and try to win items posted on the site when it’s time to bid and the auction clock is counting down. As soon as you place a bid your name will be shown as the highest bidder, but the only way you will win is if no one else bids against you. This could take time, so make sure you have both time and patience before you start bidding.
What if I don’t win?
If you don’t win all you have to do is buy the item at the retail price listed in the auction and you will get all of your bids back. Save money, don’t just spend bids if you aren’t going to win make sue you have a backup plan and are ready to use buy it now!
Bidding and shopping online is much better, and safer, than shopping in stores this time of year. The above video illustrates just how true that is! So watch out when you go shopping, and good luck bidding on DealDash!