Gift Season

We all love getting something new. At least I know I do.

Did you see all of the new products going up for auction on lately? If you have not been shopping on for a while you might want to check it out again. I was surprised to see so many new items go up for auction.

A new jeep wrangler, a new fishing boat, a gaming PC and lots of new games are just some examples of new items I never before saw on DealDash.

Happy Female Graduate in Cap and Gown Holding Stack of Gift Wrapped Hundred Dollar Bills Isolated on a White Background.

Why Shop Now

With so many high school and college graduations taking place in May, and so many weddings in June, we are now in what I call the “gift-giving season.” That’s why now is a great time to shop for some lovely gifts at bargain prices.

Some DealDash items that would make awesome graduation gifts are:

  • Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. DealDash has a wide range of jewelry that would be sure to please any young lady. I already received a “thank you” card from my great niece who will be attending Notre Dame. She loves the DealDash earrings and necklace I sent her and she said she’s looking forward to wearing them.
  • Wonderful smelling perfumes and colognes. DealDash offers a wide variety of them to choose from. I read the reviews on one of the perfumes and one of the former winners wrote, “My favorite scent. Not over powering …” I also read the reviews on another one that looked like cologne and one former winner wrote, “I like that it’s a unisex scent. It smells one way on me and very different on my husband.”
  • Watches for men and women. DealDash also has a wide range of watches to choose from.

Some DealDash items that would make wonderful wedding gifts are:

  • Gift cards for a major airline or major department stores. We can never go wrong by giving a newlywed couple a gift card so they can use them to purchase whatever they need.
  • Comforters, high-quality sheet sets, pillow cases and towel sets. Most newlywed couples are sure to love useful items like these.
  • Kitchen appliances, such as a cast iron casserole pots, double burner griddle, a mini fridge, an ice maker, crystal wine glasses, high-quality knife sets, stainless steel pots and pans, china, Espresso and Cappuccino machines.

If we go to the top left of the DealDash home page and open “Browse Categories” we are sure to find even more items that would make awesome gifts. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whenever we shop on we always have a satisfaction guarantee. All of our products are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. If any items are defective or broken, which is extremely rare, DealDash will immediately work with us to replace them. That can give us real peace of mind.

Happy shopping everyone!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Believing is Achieving

“Believing is achieving” and “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  

Believe Achieve Succeed text with wooden blocks in the shape of a staircase. Inspirational quotes

Have you ever heard those sayings?  It makes good sense to me. If I had not believed in my ability to learn how to type, I would never have taken a typing (or keyboarding) class and I would never have won the “Best Typist of the Year” award. If I did not believe I could get hired as a professional journalist, I would never have pursued my dream job and would never have earned so many journalism awards. As long as we believe in ourselves there is no end to what we can achieve because “Believing is achieving.”

The same concept holds true when shopping on First, we must believe we can become a winner. If we do not believe we could win a high-dollar auction, we will never place bids in high-dollar auctions. I looked at the screen names of all of the past winners of brand new cars. I’m familiar with most of the screen names of regular shoppers on DealDash and I pay attention to their various bidding styles.  Therefore, I know that some of the shoppers who won a new vehicle are not power bidders. Yet, they won, anyway. How did they do it? I would say the answer to that question is “consistency.” In other words, “If at first (they) don’t succeed (they continue to) try and try again.”

Where to Begin

Winning an auction always begins with believing we can win and then coming up with a plan and a strategy to win what we want. I seldom win an auction the first time I try but I learned more than anything else the key to winning is consistency. That does not mean that we never stop. Sometimes wise shoppers do stop when it makes sense to do so. At the same time, it’s important to know there is a difference between stopping and never giving up. Winners might stop one day but come back the next day. Consistency usually pays off in the long run.

If we look at past winners we can learn a lot. We can see that some winners used a small number of bids and won the auction at a bargain price, whereas some other winners use a large number of bids and pay three times the BIN to “win” the same auction. Nearly all of the auctions will sell at a bargain price sooner or later. Some auctions sell at a bargain price more often than others, but the key is to be there on those rare occasions when the auction product sells extremely low. If we consistently place a limited number of bids each and every time the product we want goes up for auction we will eventually be there at the right time to win it.

Bottom Line

Don’t ever let yourself become your own worst enemy by quitting before you even begin. Remember if Johnny or Susie can win an awesome bargain on DealDash so can you.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

All about Newbies

What is a Newbie? A “Newbie” is a term we sometimes use when referring to new customers shopping on

We were all “Newbies” at one time, and we did not all read all the rules, guidelines and tips on how to play smart before we first started shopping. Let’s face it. When we were Newbies most of us did not really know what we were doing but we did know how to click the “bid now” button that we saw on the home page.

Many of us did not even know how to find and use the automated bidder, BidBuddy. Therefore, we did not even know how many other players were competing in the same auction. It is easy to identify a Newbie. Here are some telltale signs:

Wasted Bids

The most obvious sign that somebody is a brand new DealDash shopper is when we see the same screen name wasting bids. Since many Newbies are not using BidBuddy they cannot see how many other players are competing in the same auction. By placing another bid every time another shopper bids, they wrongly believe that will improve their chances of winning when, in fact, just the opposite is true. By wasting bids, the Newbies are actually decreasing their chances of winning.

It used to irritate me whenever a Newbie cut the clock and cheated me out of my full 9 seconds toward earning my free bids. However, the good news is that DealDash has corrected that issue. Now, whenever a Newbie cuts the clock, we still get the full 9-seconds credited for each bid we use. I was so happy when DealDash did that.

When a Newbie gets curious enough to open up the auction they want to win and they see the window open up where BidBuddy is hiding, they are on their way to becoming a better player. Once they see how many other shoppers are competing in the same auction and can also see how BidBuddy places the bids for us, taking turns, one at a time, they usually soon realize they had been needlessly wasting their bids. Some Newbies catch on and learn more quickly than others, but eventually most Newbies get on board with the rest of us, so we need to learn how to be as patient with them as others were to us.

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Reasons Shoppers Stay

I started shopping on in 2012 and I’m still here. You might wonder why.

What makes me and many other people like me continue to shop on DealDash for nine or more years? Are we still trying to figure out how to win? No. Over the last nine years, I won a total of 918 auctions, which averages out to be slightly more than 100 auctions per year, and I’ve won nearly everything I want or need. Then why am I still shopping on DealDash?

That’s a good question. I cannot speak for all of the other loyal DealDash shoppers, but I can tell you four good reasons why I’m still here.

Barbara L. Sellers, pictured with some of the products she won on the online auction site. Over the past year, she won more than 200 auctions.


One main reason I am still shopping on DealDash is because it is such a fun and entertaining way to shop. Even after shopping on this site for nine years it never gets boring because DealDash rotates a variety of features, has many opportunities to earn free bids, offers a daily challenge and frequently introduces new products. What could be better than that?


Another reason I continue to shop on DealDash is because it is one of the most convenient ways to shop. I can shop at any time of day or night. If I have any difficulty sleeping for any reason, I can get on my computer or mobile app to shop on DealDash in the middle of the night from the comfort of my home.

I also like having everything delivered to my door with free shipping and handling. That was especially good during the last year when many shops were closed down because of the COVID-19 virus.

Most of all, it saves time and money. With the higher gas prices we now have the less I have to drive the better.


Have you ever received a graduation announcement, birthday party or wedding invitation at a time when you are so overwhelmed with other activities and obligations that you just do not have time to go out and shop for a last-minute gift?  Well, there’s no need to fear because DealDash is here.

To take care of all of my last-minute gift-giving emergencies, I created a special “gift box” where I put various items I win from DealDash throughout the year. Whenever I need a last-minute gift, I go to my “gift box” and select an appropriate item for the occasion. That saves me from having to shop at a store when I’m too busy or too low on funds. Murphy’s Law says that these special occasions will often come up when we can least afford them.

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Attention Boat Lovers

If you are a boat lover who loves to fish, I have some exciting news for you.

Remember how thrilling it was when offered a brand new vehicle for sale for the first time? Guess what DealDash is going to do now!

A red power boat

How about a new fishing boat! That’s right. DealDash will put its first boat up for auction on May 17. That’s one auction you will not want to miss, so mark your calendars now.

The 16-foot boat, with a BIN price of $13,195.00 comes with a 20 HP motor with a 6-gallon fuel capacity, and a custom-matched boat trailer for ease of transfer.

The maximum person capacity is four persons, with a maximum person weight of 600 pounds, and a maximum person, motor and gear weight of 1,100 pounds. Now, why is this important information to know? It is part of boating safety rules, just like making sure you have a life vest on board for each person in the boat. Regardless of how well you swim, it is always best to side on the side of safety so everyone can enjoy their boating experience.

One thing you might find interesting is that the boat DealDash is auctioning is listed among the top eight best boat brands.

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New Laptop Computer

Did you see the new laptop computer put up for auction for the first time on Sunday afternoon?  Yep, it’s a brand new item. By the time you read this blog you may have already missed the first one, but it might come up for auction again.

Computer Technology Concept. The System Unit, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse in front of Modern Laptop Computer on a wooden table. 3d Rendering

Nearly every home owner today also owns and uses at least one computer, whether it’s a full-sized home computer, a laptop computer, a galaxy or another device. I know you have one or you would not be able to shop on DealDash.

Perhaps you may not be interested in shopping for a new laptop because you already have one. I may not know a lot about computers, but one thing I do know is that technology is moving quickly and it’s not slowing down for anyone. Therefore, it does not take long before the computers or laptops we bought a few years ago are already outdated. It can be difficult to keep up.   

That is why I am always glad to see DealDash introduce us to some of the latest electronic technology to help keep us up to speed. In the very least, it’s worth clicking on the newest laptop and reading all the data that shows us what the latest and greatest features might be.

For example, some of the things we might find include:

  • The new laptops decreased in size and smaller computers are much easier to carry around.
  • New computers are less expensive (than our older computers were when we bought them), more powerful, more efficient and have more features.
  • New computers have a larger memory and can run several and more complex programs at once.
  • The graphics of modern computers have also developed so much that they now look more like real life.
  • The speed of computers has also increased so much that we can now download a full-length movie in about five minutes.

A Little History

The word “computer” was derived from the word “compute” which means “to calculate.” Originally, that was the main function of computers – to calculate arithmetic operations.

In the late 1960s I remember seeing a huge electronic machine at an insurance company that was used to calculate numbers and it took up an entire room. At the time, I thought it was pretty amazing but in today’s world it would look like an awkward elephant.

Today, computers are used not only to solve problems of different kinds, but to obtain and save information and conduct business everyday life like paying bills online, learning how to eat healthy diets, how to fix broken lawn mowers, obtain answers to any questions of all kinds and to shop on

Old Computers Have Value

Even if we win a new updated computer on DealDash, it might not be a good idea to simply discard your old computer because it is still be worth more than you may think. After conducting a search online, I learned that old computers can contain valuable metals such as gold, copper and aluminum. An older laptop could contain $30.00 worth of gold, whereas newer laptops might include gold worth $15.00 to $25.00.

That might not sound like much, but as Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Here’s hoping we not only save pennies, but many dollars, by shopping on DealDash.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

DealDash Road Trips

I have wonderful news for all you good folks out there in land. DealDash plans to take us all on special road trips by featuring items that we might want to take with us on all of our road trips this spring and summer. The Road Trip promotion takes place next Saturday 5/15 and Sunday 5/16.

I have gone on several road trips in my life. In fact, I’ve been in all 50 states in the United States and I lived in seven states – Minnesota, Washington, California, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island and Florida. For many years, I was a military spouse and we moved every time my military husband got new orders. Much of the time we traveled by car hauling a trailer full of our belongings.

I’m so glad that DealDash decided to highlight the theme of road trips because we can see much more of the country on the road than we can by flying through the air. Road trips offer many other advantages as well. When traveling by vehicle we can stop along the way and take in all of the major attractions our country has to offer.

One of my favorite places to visit is Mount Rushmore. I was there four times and all four times I was there the most incredible sense of peace and quiet engulfed me. I cannot explain it but that’s why I love visiting Mount Rushmore so much. It just feels like such a magical place.

Shopping on DealDash for some road trip gear can help us a lot because one lesson I’ve learned from all of my “road trips” is how important it is to pack all of the right gear that we might need along the way.

Shopping for Road Trips

My son Ryan loves camping out so I won this tent for him on

I don’t know what all the items are that will feature for our road trips but I do know that DealDash often has some really good tents that go up for auction. I won one of those awesome tents on DealDash. I gave my new tent to my son Ryan so he could go camping and I took some pictures after he got it all set up.

If you don’t already have a nice tent I suggest you put that on your DealDash shopping list. We never know when an emergency situation might come up. For example, on one “road trip” my family took we got stuck with no place to sleep. All motels and hotels were full without a single vacancy within 100-mile radius. A huge event was happening in the area (that we didn’t know about) so all the rooms in all the motels and hotels were booked solid. With nowhere to sleep, we really wish we had packed a nice tent so we would have had an alternative place to sleep.

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Shopping for Baby

Did you recently have a baby or will you have a baby in the near future?  Perhaps you have a daughter or another family member who is due to have a baby.

If so, you will love the great news I have for you. It appears that has several wonderful baby items marked “coming soon…”. To make sure you do not miss this shopping spree you might want to do a “baby” search and click on some of the “Alert Me” boxes.

Since I was the sixth born in a family of 14 (seven girls and seven boys) and have two sons and one granddaughter, I know a thing or two about motherhood and babies. One thing I know is that some baby items are rather expensive.

That’s why shopping on and having the opportunity to win some of these items at bargain prices is sure to help any family with a baby.

Featured Baby Items


In the old days, all cribs were fairly standard. A crib was a crib and that was it, but not anymore. Some cribs are now made with dual purposes in mind. When a baby grows out of the crib, parents can convert some of today’s cribs into a youth bed, too. Some cribs even have changing tables built into one side. It appears that some of the latest cribs also have extended rails and other safety features built in.

That’s really good because I know from experience that choosing the right crib for a baby is really important. When my first-born son was old enough to stand inside his crib and hold onto the rails, he often jumped up and down and later started kicking his feet up into the air. It looked like he was having fun and getting good exercise, but one day he kicked his feet up so high that he flipped himself right out of the crib before I could catch him. Luckily, we had soft carpet on the floor so he did not get injured. My son was a tall baby for his age, so we had to create a lower level and lowered his mattress so he would not be able to flip out of his crib again. Some babies also used to get their heads caught between the rails of their cribs. Therefore, it’s good to see some of the new safety features that have been built into today’s cribs.


Many of today’s new mothers try hard to remain in good physical shape. They do not want to stop going on their daily jogs outside, and if they have a good baby jogger stroller, they don’t have to. With a good baby jogger stroller both mom and baby can be happy. Mom can still enjoy her daily jog and baby can enjoy the thrill of the ride.

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