Your DealDash Dashboard – A Helpful Tool

Don’t underestimate the power of your Dashboard.  It’s there and holds certain keys to the questions you have.  It’s much more fun to have all your stats in one place than to have nothing at all.  Your Dashboard has the numbers to help you win.

For example, how many bids did you use on a certain item? You can find that information in your “Bidding History”.  Then you can use this information to help you decide what to do in your next auction.  Perhaps you don’t want to use as many bids, or you think you could have used more bids.  You can also see who you did battle with in the list of Avatars in the auction, find out what the final price was, what sale was available at the time, it’s all good information to help you make an educated guess on your next auction.

Your “Won Auction” is a particularly interesting list.  You can see what you’ve won, and if it’s paid for or shipped, and  whether you exchanged it for bids.  Exchanging for bids is an option DealDash offers if you win an item, and based on its popularity, you will get an exchange, they keep the item and give you X amount of bids.  On average it’s about half, but it can be more or less if the items is very popular, it could be 100% bids, so if the item is $1920 dollars you will receive 1920 bids.  If that same item is not as popular, you may get 960 bids.  That’s not the only factor, others are availability and frequency of offer.

Your “Public Profile” is a useful tool, use it to define your game, encourage others, or perhaps send someone way off target from your bidding style.  There are so many clever profile comments, read a bunch and the right one for you will come.  I like to change my comment often, others have had the same comment as long as I’ve been bidding.  Some use only a dot ( . ) or ( / ).  There are quotes by famous people and snarky comments made up by the players.  Make it fun, you will read it over and over as the auction goes on.

Your “Buy It Now” Tab will let you know if you’ve purchased an item and how many bids you received for your purchase.  You can use this information to see previous thresholds for buying the item.  Hopefully, you didn’t over BIN!

Once you’ve won an auction you can find it directly on the top of your open Dashboard, there you can see all the prizes you have open for purchase, this is also where you can do the exchange for bids if you choose. Just click on the “Pay Now” tab and both options are there to, 1. pay for it or 2. exchange it.

Watch your own stats on your Dashboard and learn from your wins and losses.  This is a convenient tool and DealDash wants you to win, so check your Dashboard often, once in awhile you might open it and see you’ve won a prize and didn’t even know it!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Setting Up Your DealDash Account

You’ve come to the right place if you want to try Penny Auctions, DealDash is by far the best site out there, they really set the bar.  They are among the first and now the longest in business Penny Auction sites.

The first thing you want to do to set up your account is to create a public profile.  Your profile is yours forever, and you’ll be remembered by other players for how you play and by the Avatar you choose.  You need four things to get started.  First, buy your initial Bid Pack you, will purchase 60 bids for $36.  This is plenty of bids to see if you like bidding and you will most likely get a full return on this investment because DealDash wants you to win, so there are special auctions just for new players. While you do that you will be prompted to choose your username.  Be creative, it’s more fun.  You and other players will repeat that name over and over in their minds, pick one you’re happy with.

Third, and you don’t have to do this right away, create a catchy profile comment.  DealDash allows each player a paragraph of comments which sits under your Avatar, your comment needs approval from DealDash and that takes a few hours to a day.  That’s the fourth thing you need to do, choose a stock avatar provided by DealDash or upload a photo of your choice.  If you choose to upload a photo it will need to be approved by DealDash and that takes about a day.

At first, you’re considered a “Newbie”, the newbie is usually a diamond in the rough, you just need a little polishing.  A newbie my not be as considerate as a long-time player because they stomp out bids instead of using Bid Buddy, the automatic bidding feature DealDash has is place.  My point being, use your Bid Buddy right out of the gate, you will win more!

So, you have your bids, username, comment and avatar.  You are ready to bid!  Remember to check out more blog post for tips on how to play the game and win.  Read the Rules and Tip & Tactics, they are very helpful for the “never-ever”

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Eight Wins Under $2 in One Day at DealDash

The title of this article speaks truth for me now more than ever at DealDash, the new No Limits on Wins feature is an outstanding bonus to the player, and I have had so much fun winning as much as I want any day I want.  I treated this new event like I was a “Newbie”, playing the prize field under $200, these are generally shorter and close lower than the big prizes.  I was giving myself a chance to re-learn the field before diving into the big prizes again.

I’m glad I did because I was able to figure out that there are less people in the small prizes now because the players are spread out over the field.  Since you’ve been able to win as many prizes as you like any day, players who used to only stick to a certain price range have branched out.  The only prizes that seem to still be as busy are the very popular items that everyone wants, you have to get involved with the auction and see how many people join.  You can tell how many people are in the auction by looking at the group of Avatars in the auction.  When the auction reaches $5 no one else will be able to join.

Getting to know the competition at DealDash is also helpful but less necessary than ever, you can see who is winning on the Winner’s List, once someone wins an item, they may not win it again for a week, so you can go bid after items on the list.  Open them, see how many people were in the auction and who the winner was.  This is good information to know.  Now go after that same prize.

Let’s get to these prizes I won, I can tell you that I also won several other items between $3-$5 they aren’t on the list but we can add them to my number of wins in one day!

$150 -18K Gold Plated Ring, size 7- won for .86 cent with 55 bids

$245-Heavy Duty Pack Pack-won for .30 cents with 10 bids

$265- Candle Holder-won for .93 cents with 27 bids

$370-Pet Bed- won for $1.34 with 39 bids

$150- 18K Gold Plated Ring, size 8- won for .38 cents and 10 bids

$268- Handmade Purse-won for .53 cents and 22 bids

$339- Handmade Ottoman won for .14 and 4 bids

$229-Power Bank- won for $1.19 with 34 bids

I won $2016 worth of prizes and more in one day at DealDash, that is more than fair!  My total spending was $5.67 and $28 for bids.  A total savings of  $1982.00!

I have so much fun bidding every day, I don’t always win this much in one day, but I do win this much often.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Be Involved To Win at DealDash

When you are bidding at DealDash it is so easy to walk away and forget to load up your Bid Buddy.  The Bid Buddy will bid for you while you’re away, but do you have enough bids in there to win?  The Bid Buddy is the best way to win.  There has been occasion where I have put in enough bids to win and walked away, and then suddenly there is just two of us and that goes on forever, until I haven’t checked the status of my Bid Buddy in awhile, then all of a sudden, I realize the other guy won.

Even after two plus years I still do it. I did it just the other day and lost an auction I was very vested in, but, you can’t win them all.  I usually counter my feelings of loss with the fact that someone else is jumping around their home because they just won because of me.  Essentially, if I can’t make myself happy, at least I can help make someone else happy.

There are exceptions to that, one being getting into a battle with a player at DealDash who beats you often.  Once someone beats you, they it seems they think they can do it all the time, I have noticed the same players will join every auction I’m in because I’ve let them win before, and I don’t always do that.  There are so many factors which come into play.

Staying with your auction is a good idea if you have the time.  I like to say I am “micro-managing” my auctions, and with DealDash, that’s part of the fun.  I will get involved with a few or more and check each one every minute or so.   I have been able to save bids this way, by backing out when there are suddenly a dozen players in an auction.  I will leave and let the field exhaust itself to return later with more bids.

So, micro-managing means checking your auction often, if you have more than six it becomes difficult to win many of them because the margin of error is much higher. I like to stay under 6 auctions at once.  Another problem with being in more than six auctions is that you will burn through bids, and if you start losing because you are spread too thin, you won’t be happy with your results.  If you are a new bidder, it’s best to stay with 2 or three auctions.

My best advice to win is to keep it simple.  If you have the time to bid in just one auction, it’s the absolute best way to win.  You get involved in the beginning, you stay through until the Buy It Now (BIN) price, and if you win along the way, hurray!! Binning is a way to get the item you’ve been bidding on and get your bids back as well. If you don’t win, simply purchase the item, you will get your bids use back and it’s shipped for free.

Staying involved means more than micro-managing your auctions, keep a few other tabs handy, check your Dashboard often, use it to see your wins and open auctions.  It also helps you keep track of your stats: wins & bidding history.  The Winner’s List is a very important tab too, you should check it every 15 minutes to see who is in the field, who’s winning, what final prices are trending for.

Yes, use your Bid Buddy, but keep it simple with no more than six auctions at once, and if you can micro-manage your auctions, you will win more auctions, I know I do!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!


It’s Easier To Win These Days at DealDash

It’s been well over a month now since DealDash lifted the win limits on auctions, and it been such a joy to have less competition in auctions, yet win so much more.   It’s much easier to win with the one of each item for the week.

What this means is, although you can win as many items as you wish, you may only win one of each item per week.  For example, once you’ve won the white stand mixer, you may only win it again in a week.  However, you may win a stand mixer of  a different color or style.   It’s a double-win with the new sale because there are less players in the individual auctions because you may only win an item once, and you may win as many items as you wish.  This is a real treat.  You could essentially get your holiday shopping done is no time and never leave your home because DealDash delivers every item for free.

There are a few things to keep in mind when bidding with this new style, you can go see what a player has won and know that they are out of the field.  Perhaps there is a special clock you want, you know it comes on the market often, check the list, see who’s already won it this week, there you will know they are out of the field, leaving it wide open for you.   Yes, there is always, “that bidder” who likes to win everything, but they can’t win them all, just like you can’t.  Everyone makes mistakes, even the big spenders.

Also, the unlimited availability of wins is endless, you can bid all day and all night and it’s ok if you won 15 items or more!  I would suggest you set a budget for bidding and stick to that, of course buy your bids on sale and if possible, bid when prizes are 50% off or free.  You may use more bids in that case, but I usually use the free bids that DealDash gives me for my Time As High Bidder to achieve my win, the bids were free, and DealDash is very generous, as long as the item hasn’t reached the retail value, once there it’s time to Buy It Now (BIN). If you BIN an item you’ve been bidding on, DealDash will refund your bids if you purchase the item instead of winning it.

DealDash is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and there is usually someone working who can answer any question you might have, just click the “Contact Support” Tab and you will be directed to either email the staff or the live help may be available, if it is, you will get an answer to your question right away.

So, come on over to DealDash and win as many prizes as you like!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Creature Comforts- Pet Items at DealDash

pet dogOur pets are our family, most people who have pets consider them their children, and DealDash recognizes that with a couple of items to spoil them.   You can find fun and convenient supplies for your pet at DealDash and have fun while you’re doing it.

Pet items are very popular at DealDash, so I would suggest you choose the item you really want for your pet and focus on that.  One of the nicest things at DealDash is that you can shop in advance of the auctions and set an “Alert Me” for items that are scheduled to come on the market.  This convenient feature lets you shop in advance either by flipping through the pages, or by using the search bar and category tabs.  Once you’ve identified an item you would like to win, simply click on the Alert Me Tab and DealDash will send you an email a couple of days before it comes on the market, and then the day before and one last email when it’s about to go live, you shouldn’t miss it with these reminders.  Usually, “the day of” I will set an alarm of my own and go to the computer when it’s time.

bb_7b56c85daa5e6e62c02736a86bffd214_0086167400000_500X500One of my favorite pet items from DealDash is the GPS pet tracker to attach to your pet and cell phone, if your pet goes missing, you will be on its trail in no time.  It’s one of those special items that is rare and only comes on the market once in awhile.

petThey also carry a nice variety of pet beds everyday.  If you have a tiny pup or a big guy, you can find the right bed for you pal at DealDash.  I’ve won a couple of pet beds, they should be easy to win.  I wouldn’t get into a bidding war with someone like a Stomper because there is always the next one and it makes better sense to wait for it to win smarter.  I’ve noticed that if there are two of the same items on the market at the same time often the one that came on second goes for considerably less than the first one, probably because two or more people got into a bidding war and no on will give up, meanwhile, someone else won it for .68 cents!  You have to keep your eye open!

If you are looking to spoil your pet with a great win at DealDash, look for the comfy beds, they are very often easy to win and your pet will love you!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Average Auction Lengths at DealDash

Every auction at DealDash has a “mind of its own”, but there are a few thing you can count on when bidding, and how long an auction should last is one you can estimate based on what the item is.  Having some idea how long you should bid in an individual auction is a learned skill, but here are a few tips you can use as a guideline for averaging the length of an auction.

The following strategies  are not rules to live by but a few things I do to “keep it real”.   Ok, so it depends on what you are bidding on. If your item is under $199, it should go very quickly.  These items generally can go for a few pennies and a handful of bids, no more than 12.  You can Buy It Now (BIN) the item easily and get your bids back, so for that reason sticking to these items when you are learning will help you get used to using the site.  Binning is a way of bidding full price for an items, then buying it and getting those bids back, it’s a great way to get your item and keep bidding.

The convenience of the under $199 is that the auction is short.  These auctions end in three or four minutes and the products come up for sale quite often, you could essentially stay in this price range for a week or more and get a real grip on, 1. how to use the site, 2. how to set up Bid Buddy, 3. learn who the power bidders are, and more.  These auctions help you learn how to pay attention to multiple auctions at once and you can really conserve bids with this style of bidding.

Now you go on to the items that are in the $200-500 range, some everyday items in this range are very popular and go on forever, but your average items that generates moderate interest will go quickly.  Knowing what those items are will come with bidding, the best advice I can give it to remain in these price ranges to get used to the site, you’ll know how popular it is by the number of bidders who join in.  These auctions will go on for about 20 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes.  You will use 60 to 200 bids. Again, don’t underestimate the BIN if the item is right and all the stars align, remember, there is an element of luck too.

So, let’s talk about the really popular items in the $200-500 range.  Here is a good rule of thumb, if it’s “unusual” everyone wants it, for example when DealDash first got juicers, they were so popular, I didn’t bid on them until the frenzy stopped, and now I have won several.

The items over $500 get tricky, it’s tough to come in on the first day and win that $5000 piece of furniture, those items go on and on and on, often for a day or more.  You don’t have to stay involved with an auction that is going on for a couple of days, use your BidBuddy to bid for you throughout the night while you sleep.  Be sure to put enough bids in there if it came down to you and one other person for a long period of time.  I usually put in a lot more than I would if I were awake.  It’s so much fun to wake up in the morning and see that you won.  You will use any where from 500-3000 bids on these items. Items over $4000 could take 3000 bids or more.  You do get free bids all the while with your Time As High Bidder, so you could apply those to the auction.

I would place anything over $500 in this long-term auction.  The higher the value the longer the auction,  I have seen the massage chair go on for a week.  I’ve seen the furniture and art go on for days, as well as bikes and computers.  Caveat; these items go for just a few pennies once in a while, I can even say often, at least a few times a day for the art.  Watch and learn and you will have more success winning. Be prepared to bid long on the higher retail prizes, and be grateful when you win it for $1.50!

You will win a lot at DealDash, they go above and beyond to help us win, I’ve had well over 700 successful wins in 2 years and you can too.  If you only have a few minutes bid on the lower retail, if you have a couple of days, bid on the higher retail! If you only have a few bids bid on the lower retail, and if you have a lot of bids go for the higher retail.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!


Tools for Every Job from DealDash

Black & Decker Cordless Lithium Ion 4-Tool Kit $205
Black & Decker Cordless Lithium Ion 4-Tool Kit $205

There are quite a few items you can win to help you spruce up your house this Summer, Deal Dash has so many repair tool items they have a special category for just that!  You can also type the title of an item you want directly into the search bar and you will find all they have to offer. They carry tools for many trades, if you are a homemaker or a carpenter, mechanic or artist, they carry great tools for you.

pink tools 87
Apollo Tools Precision 135 pc Household Tool Set, Pink $87

Tools can be a tricky category to bid in, the main reason being, everyone needs tools.  They are a popular item for players to bid on; a fan favorite!  I would suggest trying for the unusual items in this category to win.  For example, if you are getting the tools for a woman, you can select the pink tool set.  There will be less people in the auction, because not as many people want pink tools.  Also, if something is coming on the market in the middle of the night, you might set an alarm and then load up your Bid Buddy and go back to bed.  Your Bid Buddy will do your bidding for you.  You can load bids into your Bid Buddy prior to an auction, but at times if all the players are stomping the first $5 of bids, this won’t create a void for your bid to be placed, so it’s best to get into the auction manually. I’ve won a lot of auctions doing this.  It’s important to shop ahead 24 hours at a time.

Dremel 4000-6-50 Variable Speed High Performance Rotary Tool Kit
Dremel 4000-6-50 Variable Speed High Performance Rotary Tool Kit

Because tools are an item everyone needs, you will find many players will Buy It Now (BIN), which means you purchase the item if after you try to win it.  When you are in an auction with 5 players and they all BIN, you would multiply the BIN amount of bids by the number of players, that is what it will take to compete.  “Binning” is the best alternative to winning, if you place enough bids to have purchased an item, but did not win, DealDash will give you all your bids back if you do purchase the item.  For example, let’s use this Essentials 53-pc Around the House Tool Kit.

Essentials 53-pc Around the House Tool Kit $36
Essentials 53-pc Around the House Tool Kit $36

To plan on Binning, divide the price of the item with the cost of the bids, your answer is how many bids to use to BIN.  $36./.15=240 bids. This seems like a lot of bids for this item and I believe it will go for a couple of dollars, so chances are good you could win under 240, but if  you don’t you can purchase it and get your bids back. That’s the DealDash promise, you never have to go away empty-handed! Once you reach BIN, stop, do not over bid, it defeats the purpose of getting a good deal.  Keep in mind every item is delivered free, so you will save even more.  Shopping at DealDash is all about entertainment and getting a great deal.  When you need some tools, head over to DealDash, get a great deal and have some fun!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!