Winning Secrets

Why would DealDash allow me to write blogs telling customers how to spend less and win more? Wouldn’t that mean that DealDash might make less money? Well, yes, but this just proves all the more that DealDash is a “customer-first”company and they want as many customers as possible to win great deals.

DealDash always strives to make customer satisfaction a priority. That’s why they provide so many winning tips. All you have to do is read all about it and then sooner or later you will win, too.

As a long-time customer, who won more than 1,000 auctions, I learned a lot about what we should and should not do. That does not mean that I never make mistakes. Actually, I should pay more attention to my own winning secrets. That takes a lot of self-discipline because DealDash shopping is so fun and interesting it’s easy to get “carried away.”

What we should not do

We should not allow ourselves to get caught up in what I would call a “bidding war.” I know why we sometimes over-bid the Buy-It-Now price of the auction product. For one thing, we do not want to get a reputation for being a quitter. Here’s  how it works. 

We sometimes jump into an auction just before an auction reaches (the usual) $5 mark and locks out all new bidders. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it does not. Perhaps several shoppers have the same idea – to jump into the auction after most of the other competitors have already run out of bids. However,  if anyone has remained in the game from the very beginning and is still there, we cannot expect that competitor to give up and drop out too easily. 

The early player might resent late-comers who try to “steal” the win from them at the end. Afterall, the shopper who got there first and already invested a lot more bids in the game might resent players who jump in at the last minute. They might even have the mindset that if another player wants to “steal” the win, they will make that late-comer to at least lose a couple hundred bids to teach them a lesson not to mess with them in another auction again. Of course, it’s all in fun, and I can’t blame those shoppers who are determined to stay. Can you?

Sometimes two shoppers can be competing with each other for a long time and both players refuse to give up. I have wasted thousands of bids whenever I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in a “bidding war” like this because one or two other shoppers are just as determined as me and refuse to quit. That’s a huge mistake.

What we should do

Before we decide to seriously try to win any auction, we should set a limit in our own mind of how many bids we are willing to invest. Once we reach that limit, it’s time to leave. By doing that, we will stop wasting too many bids by getting caught up in a “bidding war.” In fact, we would be far better off at that point to invest the rest of our bids in another auction, or two or three. In fact, I have sometimes left a “bidding war,” found the same auction in another place, put my bids on a duplicate auction instead and won a lot sooner for a lot less – while the original auction was still running. 

That might also be a good time to diversify. Conduct a search, find the same product and place a limited number of bids in several of the upcoming auctions. We might be much more likely to win one of several auctions using fewer bids. This often proves to be a much better approach than getting stuck in one “bidding war.”

The bottom line

DealDash has many long-time happy customers because DealDash has many winning customers, and this is a fun and entertaining way to shop.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.